• Trisia Lashon commented on the post, alone 3 years, 2 months ago

    I prefer it now. Its my time to enjoy me. I enjoy me so much. I enjoy the solitude. My new moments of rationalizing and being one with me is newfound freedom. She is dope. She is caring and loving. She is vulnerable and not afraid to be. I love her. Alone taught me that.

  • The taste of it reminds me of my childhood when my dad would make homemade fries and hamburgers. He was heavy on the salt and pepper for flavor.

  • Ha. The perfect word to describe this new venture in my life. A new life. Am I prepared? Do I know every line in which to speak? Am I ready for the unknown. Not sure how to prepare. Not sure if I can even be fully prepare. Improv. Go with it. Follow my lead. Just hear me out. That time is here. Lucky me huh?

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    Surgery. On both of them. Thought it was all over. Though my dreams were no longer able to be followed. How depressing it was to feel that. However, I was ok. He made sure I was ok. God made sure I was still able to live my life and follow my dreams

  • Is it suppose to be a celebration? Am I suppose to be overwhelmed with excitement? Am I suppose to have a smile from ear to ear with a heart beating full of joy? The image of a balloon tells me that. Colorful, bright, big, and floating in mid air.

  • Withering. Powerless. Discomforting. A sign of weekness. Afraid to admit that it hurts. Afraid of knowing that is may be here to stay. Its unfortunate. Not even a real battle. Because it wins….

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    The exact word that describes my life right now. It use to be called “organized chaos”. But I can’t even use that phrase to disguise this “frenzy” taking place.

  • Ha. This word amuses me. We are all visitors of this world. Some of us for a short period of time. Some of us a little longer. A visit to earth at the given time granted to us by God. A gift of all gifts to be a vistor of his creation. I think I’ll enjoy this visit

  • Trisia Lashon commented on the post, speak 6 years, 8 months ago

    And you shall…. be heard. And you shall have a voice. Make it know for all to hear. We speak it into existence and it shall be yours. The power of that is remarkable.

  • The moment it hits my body..priceless. The second I’m mesmerized by its captivity I get lost in paradise. The sound of music controls my senses in the most unforgiveable way. Play it again….

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    Is it real. Is all of this real? Or is it a figment of my imagination? How will we ever know how real this life is. I throw myself into it and see how real it can be. Sometimes real is fearful. Most times real is relevant. I know what I feel is real. Or do I?

  • Trisia Lashon commented on the post, sound 6 years, 9 months ago

    It is the foundation and motivation of my creation. It is what paints the picture of the emotion felt at that given time. I hear you. I feel you. I understand you. More importantly…I like you.

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    I choose me. The best choice that I ever made.

  • Trisia Lashon commented on the post, end 6 years, 9 months ago

    The inevitable. The fear of it. The joy of it. The realization and understanding. The combination of emotions once it has arrived. The denial when it reaches the point of ending when you don’t want it to end