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    “anything you say, boss,” he said cheerfully, winking. “ambassador. main man. father. right-hand–”

    “for the love of god, louis, shut up.”

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    her drink — an iced cappuccino — gives her a tooth-ache by the first sip, but she’s determined to finish it by the third. she tells herself it isn’t a method of distraction when it really is, at least according to the bubble of anxiety threatening to burst in her chest, and tells herself again to breathe — not that it’ll help. she flexes his…[Read more]

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    “My shoes got spikes on ’em, see? On the backside.”

    Stanley, eyes still fixed on the child-sized tome resting on his lap, hums appreciatively. “Really?” He can’t help the dry, unamused tone he uses as he says this. “Looks great.”

    “Looks? You aren’t even looking!” Michael exclaims. “I got these bad boys for two zeros and you aren’t going to…[Read more]

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    He lifts his chin with ostentatious grace. “Step away,” he remonstrates.

    She watches, her ego tinged green, as he jumps in the air and lands on the thin ice neatly. “As if anyone with two feet can’t do that,” she says, incensed.

    “Really,” he sneers. “Go on, then.”

    She squares her shoulders and straightens her posture before attempting…[Read more]

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    Louis watched as she deliberately popped a chip in her mouth, trying not to stare but failing terribly. She was proper fit, in a way that was subtle and casual and everything Louis was not. He felt a sudden wave of nausea wash over him and anxiety throb at his temples threateningly.

    “So,” he started carefully, testing the waters. She didn’t…[Read more]

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    Louis camps out far from all the other boys because he simply doesn’t want to associate with anyone – that just might be him being stubborn, but at this point he doesn’t care. He sets up his tent and lays out his sleeping bag and decks out immediately, his headache banging throughout his skull.

    A while later he’s being stared down by a boy…[Read more]