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    She cast a glance around her. Nothing. Nobody was there to wipe away her tears; not that they would, even if they’d been near. No-one cared. Or, at least, it’s what she thought. Really, the boy would do anything […]

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    The lift was crammed. It was way over the limit of people. Benjamin was squished next to a girl who was hanging over her phone, and Ben could hear her crying. He sneaked a peek at her phone screen as she typed […]

  • All the cars passed while I waited to walk across the street in the pouring rain. I wasn’t mad, or even slightly fazed. It was just the same as always. But there was that one, the guy on the motorbike, that stopped and offered me a ride. “My mother would murder me if she found […]

  • “Radical.”

    He got a collection of stares when he said it, and a few giggles.

    “What?” He turned to the girl at his side. “What’s funny?”

    “Radical.” Kelly repeated. “Radical. Really, Hayden?”

    “Really.” He grinned. “It’s my new word, Kell-Bell, get used to it.”

  • It’s where he found them after their movie, on the couch, peacefully asleep. Will figured he ought to wake them before Angel or Krystal found them and started planning the wedding, but what was the point?

    A wedding was close enough around the corner for the two of them, anyway.

  • “C’mon. I’ll give you a ride home.” “Hayd, it’s like, two blocks. I’ll walk.” “Kelly, I’m not making you walk home. It’s on the way, anyway.” “There’s no point. It might even take longer to drive than to walk.” “No. It won’t. And…I really want to. Please?” “Why?” “Because.” “Because why?” “Because!” “That’s not an […]

  • “Hayden, I’ll be fine.”

    “Kelly – ”

    “If you’re really that concerned, come on the ferris wheel with me. I guarantee you’ll be safer from clowns up there, anyway.”

  • “Kelly, I just want you to know, whatever happens today, I love you. I’ve always loved you, and I know that this might be the last time I’ll ever see you, so I needed you to know. I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you. And…I don’t think I’ll ever love again if […]

  • What could be cooler than a hovercraft? You just get to hover over people and be like, “Yeah, that’s right, I’m freaking hovering, ’cause I’m way cooler than you.” And, I mean, come on. It would save poor short people like me from being forever the shortest. I could finally be the one to see […]

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    People say there’s a fine line between love and hate, but I don’t think so. I think there’s a thick bar. It’s like saying “Oh, Pepsi and Coke are exactly the same!” but everyone knows that’s a lie. Not that I like Pepsi OR Coke, but…well, I TRIED to make a point. I guess it […]

  • Sometimes, I wonder what my existence means. What my purpose in life is. Nothing explains it quite right for me – no explanations seem to cover everything. Why do we live, but more importantly, why does life continue on when everything is at its worst? Why can’t life cease to exist until we discover why […]

  • I saw it on the ground first. Just sitting there. Sitting and waiting to be crushed. I put myself in its shoes..er, feet? Whatever they have. Not sure. It would suck to be an insect. I couldn’t bring myself to smush it, though, just end its life there. So I kept on walking, watching my […]