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    The tour “bus”, from the ship, was nothing but a rubber raft with no motor, and it was late leaving the rear hull. The takeout was within sight as the oversized cruise liner beeped their little horn, and turned to the left. By the time their paddles hit the water they were lost in the wake of the ocean bus, riding high and low. And then they went…[Read more]

  • Beside my bed, beside my loyal dog is the cat. He’s cool too. But to my right is my gift. My partner. My companion. My inspiration. The bedside recipient of my love. OOOmpHH… I love her the most.

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    I was broke. Beat down, overqualified, underqualified, destitute. I had nothing and owed out more than I could make in my first three months of a normal job. LIving in my friend’s photography studio, on a spare futon couch. No heat. Not hot water. Broken.

  • I missed the target by a mile. Maybe a mile and an inch. It was moving at the time, no excuse on my part, but shit man. The copter was shaking and the road they were on was not smooth. My bad. Their lives…

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    The nightlight from my headlamp was fading fast. We were only an hour into our 3-hour escape, but I was falling behind. I didn’t bring my batteries or anyone else’s. So, we were doomed, from the start. With only a stringent passion to fly away. But it was dark.

  • That skyline looked ominous. As our canoes rounded the first corner of the flooded river, we realized that we may be pushing it this time. The sky flashed white and disturbed thunder followed it. We could feel the vibrations it left behind while we were sitting on the water. In a canoe soon to be swamped.

  • The majority of innocent men that have to tolerate being accused of a sexual crime by a woman is incomprehensible nowadays. The word assault is one thing, but when found innocent of any crime, wrong doing or assault, the woman should be held accountable for at least defamation of character. It’s far too easy to make accusations that aren’t’ true,…[Read more]

  • I need to remember to enable myself more often. Lost in thoughts and daydreams is fun but it’s not profitable. I need to enable my bank account to be there for me someday. But every single day costs money. Even when I’m lost in thought.

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    The ukulele was broken. It had strings, but the sound it made was not what I wanted to hear. At least not at the moment I strummed it. I used my fingers to tighten down different cords along the neck but they all sounded weak.

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    The hoop was just too small for her hips. She tried several times, with more zest each time, but in the end the hoop won. She was beautiful. She was one of the prettiest girlfriends I have had in several years. But if the hoop doesn’t fit, it’s just not going to go any further.

  • The toughest part about finding a job when you really need it, is simply finding a job. Say you have over 30 years experience in one field, but that “field” doesn’t exist anymore. It happens. But c’mon the freak on, I need to eat.

  • The circus started, louder than usual, with all the children celebrating by spilling their popcorn while trying to dance. But when the main act finally appeared, after all the lions, tigers, seals and elephants, Cassy the Clam brought the place down.

  • Gather by the fire, was there order in broken English, while pointing there tazors in our direction. We heard a crashing sound-noise earlier but didn’t think it was close enough to be a problem. Maybe because their spaceship was so small.

    Either way, I reached for my girlfriends hand and we did what they said. For now…

  • At the end of the outlet, it seemed caved in. Leroy agreed that it was still questionable . He was always thinking ahead. But behind the obvious. We had children with us.

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    My cousin is a jerk. He’s the fairy side of a gay relationship with his partner. Sometimes my cousin is flaming queer. The other guy is much tougher. And you’d never think he was homosexual. Either way I don’t care, but my cousin sure does, he’s a jerk.

  • The skyline was full of clouds, and they were moving fast. The colors added to the clouds by the setting sun was a deep orange and violet combination with just the slightest edge of red and yellow. The river hills were visible but I just wasn’t high enough. I stood inside the passenger side door but it still wasn’t high enough. I climbed up onto…[Read more]

  • The tallest tree we found was twice as big as the one beside it. It looked ominous, and un-climbable. But Pete, Janice and Marcy were pumped. We had left home at two am this morning and knocked out 7.5 miles before the sun showed up. Now we see the tree we viewed from the valley below. We made it. But we aren’t at the tippy top yet. Pete sets up…[Read more]

  • The sailboats were anchored peacefully in the harbor. But the approaching storm was nothing but dark ominous clouds, lightning and thunder. The sun had vanished and now the wind was picking up. A dog sitting nearby began to bark.

  • The other day the motel called me. I was only there for an hour and a half, on the other side of town, for lunch, but I got the call. They wanted to verify, and the local cops were interested, that I was there. I of course said “no”. Even though I was, but why would the police chief need to know? His wife was at work at the time. Or was it her…[Read more]

  • The crazed woman wrecked my car again. I swear, how many times do I have to tell her to slow the fuck down. This time she was putting on lipstick while going around a curve on her way home form work. Why would she need to put on lipstick to come home to me?