• TinaGodda commented on the post, passionate 8 years, 2 months ago

    i strung my small arms around his tall neck. not careing that the world was falling to hell behind me. it was one of those days. one of those moments. that could not stop you. that even though everything you knew and everything you could have ever to do in a live, that ment so […]

  • TinaGodda commented on the post, edge 8 years, 3 months ago

    I’m falling. There’s nothing I can do to get up though. It’s a large hole. I could fling my arms out as far as I could, and still didn’t feel the walls. Falling still. Did I just wake up? Did I just fall asleep? What the hell? Is that a light? Is that a rabbit? […]

  • TinaGodda commented on the post, celebrate 8 years, 4 months ago

    i wish i could have held in my smile. maybe even silenced my laugh. but seeing as they are both out there, i guess i might as well show you how i really feel…right? dont answer that just yet. first i really need you to do something. its not that important…or really all that neccisary […]

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    i took another deep breath. closing my eyes i steped out onto the stage before me. the music started quietly, then the loud bass kicked in behind it. the dancers all scuttled to place, begining as they were instructed. their hearts and souls pouring onto the stage. feet not stoping, arms mostly a blur. “shes […]

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    the auditorium was packed, no chance of skipping a surprise pep rally. jesus i hate these things. watching the skinny bitches with pom poms flaunting about, all the foot ball morons have their tongues waging about. this is stupid. i shoved past a young freshman. stupid kids. i made my way towards the back, less […]