• “To compensate for your loss, I have been instructed to apologize and offer my services.” The tall, burly man extended his hand towards the petite brunette.

    She glared at him and said, “What exactly are your services?”

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    He tiptoed down the stairs in his striped pajamas. He had heard a noise from his room. His mom thought he was sleeping, but he was just too excited, so when he heard the noise he decided to investigate. He silently poked his head over the stair railing to see who was in the living room, but when he saw his mom his mouth dropped open and his eyes…[Read more]

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    Its talons ripping at my clothes, the ferocious bird cawed and beat its wings towards my face. I tried to cover my face with my hands, but its beak tore at my skin. I cried out.

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    Sometimes I might think that a rock is trifle, but to my daughter it’s of the utmost importance. She loves to play with them and examine them and throw them down to see what they do whereas I usually ignore them and walk right over them. The little things we take for granted are amazing to children. Everything is new to them. We just need to take…[Read more]

  • Please demonstrate your powers. You say you can fly, but I don’t believe you. I don’t know anyone who can fly. No one in my family can. None of my friends fly. How can you fly? Go on, little birdie, spread your wings and fly.

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    You cannot define me, though you will try.
    These are all roles I play, but they do not define me. I cannot be defined because I am too complex as each of you are complex. Too many things in my life have made me into the person I am today, too many to place me in a neat, little box. I am forever outside the box.

  • Sometimes I wish I could disappear into the vast world of words. No screaming. No crying. No worries. Just my head in a book.

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    I’m on my third dream. Dancing didn’t work out. I have two left feet, so my Mama says, and Bobby’s still limping from our last dance. Singing was a catastrophe. I think the neighbors moved because of me. So now I’m going to try acting. Yeah, that one sounds good, never mind that Mama says I should go into accounting. Who wants to crunch numbers…[Read more]

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    So many orphans, she thought as she stood outside the cafeteria door. I wish I could take them all home with me. Then she spotted a little brown-haired girl standing in the line reaching for an apple. Something about her seemed familiar: the shape of her face, the color of her eyes. Could this be her friend’s baby grown into a young girl?

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    Chelsea clasped the locket to her chest. “Thank you. I will cherish it forever,” she said to her grandmother.

    Her grandmother smiled. “I know you will.” She then closed her eyes and said, “I’m feeling tired, dear.”

    “Yes, Grandma. I’ll let you rest.” Chelsea kissed her grandmother’s forehead and left the room. Then as she stood outside the…[Read more]

  • It was unplanned. We were just walking and chatting about nothing in particular. Then we had lunch at a nearby diner, coffee afterwards at my place. We sat on the couch together, and he leaned towards me. Then I heard a knock on the door: my sister was frantic. She was pregnant. It was unplanned.

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    She doubled the amount of chocolate chips in the recipe.

    “I want chocolate, and I’m going to have it, dammit!” She glared at her husband who just shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

    “Stupid diet,” she muttered to herself and continued to stir the chocolate chips into her cookie dough.

  • “You cannot apprehend the depth of my sorrow and pain at the loss of my child. You say you are sorry, but I don’t want your apologies. It should have been you, not my Sarah, who died in that car crash. How could you? How? Why?” Elizabeth crumpled to the ground, her hands covering her tear-drenched face.

  • It’s plausible that he sneaked out of the house because his parents were being horrible, but more than likely he just had a bad attitude and his loving parents said he couldn’t go to a party with his friends.

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    She slowly walked through the aisles, looking for a souvenir for her mother-in-law. What would she want from the zoo? Then her eyes settled on a bright yellow box filled with taffy. Aha! That’s perfect!

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    I spoke in my native tongue in a land where no one understood me and I understood no one. I carried on conversations with myself, hoping that I wouldn’t go crazy with the loneliness I felt.

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    She beamed at him, her young face radiant with love. Nothing could ruin her mood, she thought.

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    He pulled his firearm and aimed it at the man running towards him.

    “Stop or I’ll shoot!” he yelled.

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    Biblical: bible, God, the Word. I want to be a good Christian.

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    No harm came to him. She just peeked in the window, maybe opened it a little. Maybe she even sneaked in and hid in his closet, watched him undress and go to bed. She never touched him. She just smelled his clothes in the darkness and waited for him to fall asleep. Then she left quietly, the only sign of her existence in the disappearance of the…[Read more]