• Courtney commented on the post, obey 7 years, 10 months ago

    why should i listen to you? you give me these demands that are absolutely trivial and do nothing but calm your peace of mind instead of making sense. you know what, why don’t YOU do that stuff instead and tell me how much sense it makes to do all that extra work. i’m sure you’ll […]

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    She walks into the apartment with the lights dimmed and she wonders what he has in store for her. He never lights candles, so she knows something is going to happen. She’d had a bad day, so he thought it would be nice to eat his specialty by candlelight – grilled cheese and canned soup. […]

  • Courtney commented on the post, horses 7 years, 11 months ago

    There’s something about seeing horses when I drive past a farm that always makes me stare. I’m not exactly sure why but there’s always that childish glee that makes me point and shout “horses!” to whomever is driving with me in the car. Thankfully everyone else driving with me usually gets excited too.

  • Courtney commented on the post, rules 7 years, 11 months ago

    I’m that person who says she will follow rules to a T… unless they’re for a game I don’t like or work. But when it comes to games I can be extremely competitive and if people get the rules muddled especially when I’m winning… ohhh boy. I’ll call you out on it.

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    Stacks of papers. Stacks of books. Stacks of dishes. Stacks of laundry. Stacks of photographs.

    I have a messy house. But I’ll just call it quirky instead.

  • Courtney commented on the post, setting 8 years ago

    The setting of a scene makes all the difference. I find myself carefully constructing that more than anything. How vast and vacant an area is, or how cramped and crowded a farmer’s market can be. Now how to juxtapose the two properly…

  • Courtney commented on the post, warned 8 years ago

    They warned me about you. Your charismatic smile, the twinkle in your eyes. I was a total fool. If maybe the cliche had been just a little more obvious, I would’ve stayed away.

  • Courtney commented on the post, morality 8 years ago

    Morality is such a heavy word. It kind of smacked me in the face so I’m at a loss as to what to say about it. I guess when morality actually does smack you in the face, everything else seems trivial so it’s interesting that the word itself has the same levity as its meaning.

  • Courtney commented on the post, suppose 8 years ago

    She looked at the pictures, head tilting to one side. “I’m still confused as to why she’s considered cute, but I suppose that’s everyone being nice.”

    Sorry, not all children/babies are cute. Some have awful genes, and that little girl right there has her father’s pig nose.

  • Courtney commented on the post, edge 8 years ago

    Standing on the edge. One little misstep and it’s all over. “What am I doing here?” he thinks. “This isn’t some practical joke.” It could be. He is a funny guy. But he’s also a klutz, so this could be extremely problematic at the punchline.

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    She ran her fingers along the braids she’d pinned to her head. Her hair was getting so long and experimenting with new styles made the length more tolerable.

    “What do you think?” She asked him.

    He smiled, brightly. “I think I kinda like it.”

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    You are my other half. You don’t realize it – or maybe you do. It’s pathetic to think I couldn’t go on if you left me, because I’m supposed to be an independent adult woman, but honestly it would be a lot harder to move on if we didn’t work out everything. That’s why the […]

  • Courtney commented on the post, dense 8 years ago

    She pushed her hands into the dense dough, kneading it into a rough mess. It was cathartic. Baking always made her feel better.

  • Courtney commented on the post, pressed 8 years ago

    Pressed for time. Pressed for money. Everything is kind of hitting me at once, all together. What am I doing to help myself? Sitting and waiting for something to happen… Real proactive there, girl.

  • Courtney commented on the post, preoccupied 8 years ago

    I’m giving myself excuses for not writing. As if I’m actually doing something that’s keeping me from it. It’s annoying that I just find myself doing nothing instead of doing what I love.

  • Courtney commented on the post, convinced 8 years, 1 month ago

    With all this shit, I’m convinced you don’t care. There’s no compromise, no change on your end, nothing. It’s always about what you want, what you need. What about my plans? What about OUR plans? None of it is enough for you.

  • Courtney commented on the post, crouch 8 years, 1 month ago

    Crouch is such a silly word. Saying it aloud without meaning is weird too. I can’t think of anything “thoughtful” to say about the word, other than it’s a letter away from “couch” and another away from “crotch,” which makes me immaturely giggle.

  • Courtney commented on the post, celebrate 8 years, 1 month ago

    Wanting to celebrate certain things at awful times is incredibly awkward. It was completely selfish of me to worry about our damn anniversary the week after his mom died, but it was so sudden and I had to direct my attention somewhere else in order to not be overwhelmed with grief. He completely forgot our […]

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    Pouch makes me think of that uncomfortable flab that forms at the abdomen after pregnancy. Not looking forward to what having children will possibly do to my body but after seeing how out of control my family members let their bodies get, I think I’ll take better care of making sure I don’t become a […]

  • Courtney commented on the post, account 8 years, 1 month ago

    My account has nothing in it. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it’s getting there. Being unemployed is draining in more ways than one, but the most obvious being the draining of funds. The debt is piling up and while there is one viable option for me, I wish I could do something else. Apparently I’m […]