• They say the traditional way to have a relationship is to acquiesce to all their demands. Just give in. Believe what they want you to belive. But what does that mean to your true thoughts? What does that mean to who you are?

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    Why do some of us have so many shoes? I’m a guy. I shouldn’t have so many shoes…What am I writing, I can do better.

    Her shoes scattered across the bedroom floor. Countless girls’ nights and tinder dates come to mind as she watched them bounce and tumble, like so many pebbles rolling down into a ditch. He scared her when he was like…[Read more]

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    Grease stains criss crossed my apron like i’ll defined grill marks. Sweat poured from my brow in the sweltering summer time kitchen. It took suite a lot of effort to not have it drip in the frialator, where they would sputter and cause small spittles of grease to burn my fore arms. This is not the situation i thought i’d be in when I received…[Read more]

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    Oh well there is a topic i don’t love. I date…Sometimes…..Sometimes I’m serious…sometimes I’m not. In the bast few years I have had things that could have gone really really well….but they didn’t. I thought they just weren’t meant to be…But then I sometimes think I submarined it. Do I sabotage myself? why would I do that? I want a…[Read more]

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    Fries up!

    My boss shouted over the din of tourists, bikers and young people looking for trouble or fun or both. It was bike week in Laconia, New Hampshire. A mass of people clamored for greasy food at our concession stand. One of many that sat, surrounded by this sea of humanities, like plywood buoys in the rough northern seas. I filled up…[Read more]

  • The climate changes everytime I step outside. I’m not talking about the weather, I’m talking about the experience of my life. The flow of humanity is new every time I pass the threshold of my door. People, stories, lives, hidden tragedies, all flow pass my eyes. I skip the next track on my music, and pass it all by.

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    “In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine…” The song crooned out of a small turn dial tv sitting in the corner of the filthy, blood stained apartment. Jeremiah looked at the TV and saw a blond singer with an acoustic guitar sitting on a stool. He looked like he needed a shower. Jeremiah didn’t know who the singer was was,…[Read more]

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    My armor is now weak. Rusted, broken, and full of weak points. But I wear it still. There is more to it than just physical defense. It is a symbol. A symbol of my defiance to your actions. It is my shield against the hostile universe, not matter what blows it can absorb or not.

  • We all offer up part of ourselves to life….Why do I always start these with ‘we’ or ‘we all’? Do i want to disconnect from committing to having these thoughts be ablut myself? Are they about myself? Is all of my problems stemming from just projecting things that are really internal on external factors? Isn’t that a bitch.

  • All along the watch tower….Maybe there is no way out of here…..We may just keep circulating. Soulds, energy, or just pure nothingness and life. Bounching around this plane of existance forever. It seems to me all the people who think there is a way out of here into an after life…are the ones that casue all the trouble.

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    Gold flakes fell from her. Pieces of her memoriers, her loves,/ and her saddness slipped away as old skin off a snake. How precious are these losses? do they make up who she is? who she was or who she will become?

  • What is thr mechism of dispair? Of joy?…….god I sound emo….why do we try to analyze the root of our emotions instead of just trying to deal with them…..we like to think of our emotions as comming from outside ourselves….but they don’t…they as much a part of us as our fingers or toes. We need to deal with them the same way….I wish…[Read more]

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    I don’t think I have an aura. I feel like i project nothing. I’m just a rock that the aura stream of the universe flows around. pushing and pulling all that ENERGY THAT SADLY PASSES ME BY. Opps i hit caps. Does that mean something? Can they hear me?

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    I didn’t want to remember her. But the one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind was her hair. Always messy but always sexy. Soft and auburn, it lasted in my memory like campfire coals. I would find strands of it still, on my jacket, in the laundry, on the floor of my car. I knew them as hers by feel. Each strand was another turn of the screw…[Read more]