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    I swam across the boarders and reached the shore after days. They captured me before i could lie my body in the sand. You must not run from your fate they said. You must do your duties, you have a country to run. They put me on a black unicorn and just as one of the men looked away I kicked with my boots and we flew away.

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    The whale made majestic whale noises and the room spun in his head. Disorientated, he fell back in his cushioned carrot seat. Jack Rabbit was to serve a lifetime sentence, for the love of his life was dead, and he was the only witness and the only suspect.

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    There came three raps at the rabbits door. But the albino knew better than to open during the cold winter season. The wolves were howling and the foxes lurched at anything which moved.

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    The formula was laid out bare and simply. I read over the method, once, twice, but my breathing quickened and my palms began to sweat. I had to shake off the fear. This experiment was crucial, and it was absolutely vital that I applied the formula correctly.

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    The other men had long been asleep by the fire. It was past midnight and they needed the rest. But Victor sat up against the tree, thinking, dreaming of the day he would be able to reclaim his kingdom, and destroy those who ever dared to invade their lands, those who then lived peacefully with their lives and their conscience, as if nothing had happened.

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    I stared at the menacingly sharp ivory towers which were inches from my face. I smelt the breath of death. Even as i closed my eyes, the teeth

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    The idea switched me on like a lightbulb. It all seemed to make sense. How the criminal killed them. I looked down on to the map. It was a pattern.

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    It had an amazing atmosphere during the day. The coffee shops filled with chatter, the parks were peaceful, yet when darkness loomed, and the lamp lights shined, it was an entirely new world.