• There’s an expression: “It hit me like a ton of bricks” and I now see why such a phrase exists. The crushing realization of something really can be painful. I guess now I know.

  • Nathan Bellamy commented on the post, stunt 7 years, 1 month ago

    The stunt I pulled this week was fantastic. I told him I liked him and got what I wanted. It couldn’t have been a more perfect night. I even kicked his but at magic. It was wonderful!

  • Nathan Bellamy commented on the post, vodka 8 years, 2 months ago

    Ohdeargodyes. <3
    What to say about the most wonderful drink in the world~?
    It's just… so… beautiful. <3
    Also, Ivan Braginsky. <3

  • Glow like the stars at night
    Shine a light with all your might
    Be happy in all you do
    Because life itself will always come through
    Don’t worry about all the haves and have nots
    just shine like a star, illuminated by your thoughts