• there seems to be a beach and my feet
    they stand on not solids
    see my feet dissolve into the ocean
    and while the surf rises
    i find myself so small
    i feel nothing else but salt
    i love this edge

  • ensue is where i seem to begin
    it is the unsuing of me
    i am en
    then i have begun
    ensue sounds like a cowboy talking to a fence
    beckoning his cowgirl wife to jump it
    likely to take out the garbage
    what ensues?
    hystery ensues
    hysterics ensue
    i ensue each day
    sometimes i am a lamb
    just born and unsure
    legs like earthquakes
    downy…[Read more]

  • i already wrote about this
    so i guess here is where i figure out what the fuck is going on with this site
    i assume we only ensue once per day
    which is the best way
    i have all i need in my other document
    i don’t care about your time or your blue
    everything is moot
    i’ll let it run out
    and dry