• Our education shouldn’t be a competition. The fight for #1 has completely taken over our lives. We could have loved each other, we could have been something so beautiful, so perfectly beautiful. But, no… not in this life. Because you’ll always be #1, and I’ll always be #2, no matter how many hours of every single day I try to educate you. And to…[Read more]

  • It was in Paris that I met the love of my life. I was on a vacation and he was there for university, to be educated in a foreign country was always my dream, as it was his. We had almost everything in common – the love for France, the vice of tobacco, and the disdain for cats. I loved him, once. But then he disappeared.

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    He held on to her tightly but in caution of crushing her. The mother of his beautiful baby girl died in childbirth so it was up to him to raise her. He looked into the baby’s stunning blue eyes and it clicked- it was all in his hands. And he was ready.