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    Boju interrupted the lesson to make sure his feelings were not hurt. Have you ever had your feelings hurt? Look at me boy, tell me your truth. Keep my hands from you. Fuck this is bad.

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    Paint strips had been peeling off the walls for months. I wasn’t going to do anything about it. That was Jack’s job. I did the business, he kept it clean.

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    Nicolas never told his mother what he’d done, nor his father, nor his 20-something brother. He only told me. He said they wouldn’t “get the concept, man.” So there I was, staring at the body, wondering if I had to […]

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    The dirt would spin, and spin, and keep spinning, but we weren’t going anywhere. It was like the tires just gave up on us, although they never really worked with us to begin with. I remember the look on Kelly’s face when you gunned it, right into the mud. Her mouth agape, she looked right […]

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    Five men, six plans for the device. No one had any exact certainty what was about to happen, but that was irrelevant at the moment. The job would be done, one way or another. This was their night. Nothing could go wrong.

    Except the police. That went wrong a lot.

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    The billboard perched on the hill was brand new, just like a christmas present, addressed to whoever wanted to look. James wasn’t sure if he liked this new corporate takeover of his town. People were starting to care what they actually looked like, who they were, and who they wanted to be friends with. Who […]

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    Purple was stained everywhere, all over the room and all over the floor. The knife was hidden somewhere in the mix of all this purple. The mess was inconceivable.

    And all this, caused by someone under 2 years old. Oh Billy, so young, so chaotic.

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    It’s difficult to explain the noise the printer made as the photograph came out of it, something like a clicking and a whirring. But that really wasn’t the sense this moment was designed for.

    No, what was startling was the image on the white paper. Gore, red splashed everywhere, and a single word: “Remember?”

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    The bright fireworks on the front of the stage illuminated his face, and the noise emitting from the speaker stack limited his hearing.

    But he wouldn’t have given this moment for anything. He stepped into the light to show his face to the world, and the grin would never be erased.

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    The stone wasn’t too particular, it looked just like the rest. But this one, this is the one I used to release all my tension, and why I’m sitting in the cell I am now. It looked a lot like the others, but this stone, this stone cost him his life, and cost me mine. […]

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    His back was already breaking by the time they placed the third stack on it. Crying out in pain, screaming “Get away” over and over again, James didn’t know what would bring any comfort in this moment of extreme pain. The only thing he looked forward to was the sweet release of death. That’s when […]

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    The first time I walked into the room, my eyes didn’t glimpse what should’ve been most apparent. No, at first I saw the drapes, the way the sunlight streaked through the blinds. My mind ignored the sweaty, molding, rotting body right, dead center on the floor. It may have taken a while, but when I […]

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    The sustained feeling of the drug was nothing that I couldn’t handle, not after the world Mark had exposed me to. A world filled with bright colors and a lack of focus, this world was very foreign at first, to both me and my mom. She didn’t take a kindle to my new limitations, but […]

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    As the sheets tossed and turned, so did I. Fiery images of hell burned through my mind as my body lay still, unaware of the nightmarish things occuring just in my head. The pain couldn’t be described.

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    The sign on her forehead was the first thing anyone saw, and the last thing anyone cared to remember. It’s been said that some people just stand out, and her, she did her share of standing out. The stamp that stood directly above her eyebrows was more than a sign of independence, it was defiance. […]

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    The one time I saw him actually raise his hand in anger was that one time, the time we all wanted to forget. It all started with an argument, and somewhere in that arguement, he started to yell, and started to yell louder, and the fists were the only natural progression. He has his temper, […]

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    “This can’t be real” she thought, staring wide-eyed at the large sign, featuring her name in sparkling lights.
    A life in Hollywood is generally not filled with glam, but for her, at this time, just maybe, her dreams were coming true.

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    When I first noticed the watch in the window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My perfect, exact match. This was what I wanted. Of course, being the beggar that I was, this was something not quite in my price range. So instead, I turned to the one thing I knew how to do: theft. Theft […]