• Emma commented on the post, adapted 5 years, 9 months ago

    Adapted from the book. The book was so much better. It wasn’t even the same story. The lead looks nothing like how he looked in the books. I wish they would release the extended version. I can’t even.

  • Emma commented on the post, temple 5 years, 9 months ago

    temple, where my ancestors probably went. I don’t know, they were Jewish. I think about them sometimes. I don’t know where they even came from or what their lives were like at all, but I sort of know they were jewish. So they probably went to temple. I mean, my grandparents sort of do, but I want to be really something.

  • Emma commented on the post, motivated 5 years, 11 months ago

    “highly motivated” was written all over my report card. Not “gets excellent test grades” or “excellent attendance.” Not excellent, but she tries. She isn’t a natural, but I’ll give her that.

  • Emma commented on the post, selective 5 years, 11 months ago

    We are selective here. Only the best and the brightest, but more than that, those who’ve become bright. You can’t just be bright you have to work to be bright. Then you have to be able to do cartwheels and handstands and knit a sweater, but you should also just be a nice wholesome kid.

  • Emma commented on the post, avoided 5 years, 11 months ago

    I don’t look people in the eye. Almost never. I like him. On occasion I even look at him. Though generally when some subjects come up, looking in each others vicinity is avoided altogether.

  • Emma commented on the post, values 5 years, 11 months ago

    oh my you are so shiny and pretty
    but never tangible
    because when you are faced in front of the world of color
    you fade into your blacks in whites

  • Emma commented on the post, emperor 6 years ago

    welcome emperor. We love you. We worship you alone. Be careful though sir, you will be overthrown soon, or your son will. It is the way of emperors, don’t be too worried. You might want to hire a man to taste test your food though, in case your brother or son tries to poison you. Long live the king!

  • Emma commented on the post, belated 6 years ago

    happy birthday! I’m sorry the gift is late but you see, i was busy yesterday honey, and i got you the card and everything last friday, and I’m giving it to you this wednesday even though your birthday was on tuesday, but its not cause I forgot and god I’m sorry, look its a mini jar of nutella, I’m sorry.

  • Emma commented on the post, talon 6 years ago

    grandma lies in bed. The room is dark and smells like cotton. Her grandson stands in the door way, unsure of whether he should come in. She points a knotted, talon-like finger at him and says “come in.”

  • Emma commented on the post, playground 6 years ago

    the playground got torn down
    which i guess is okay
    since it was mostly concrete
    and carter greene broke his leg on the monkey bars

  • Emma commented on the post, spiral 6 years ago

    the slinky spirals across the class room. This is high school physics. Mr. Marx is talking about physics. Physics, physics, gravity, force, force of gravity. None of which are things that are given meaning besides spreading the endlessly spiraling slinky across a stark high school class room. Feelings of literal despair over a slinky spiral…[Read more]

  • Emma commented on the post, confide 6 years ago

    they sat over the secret menu drinks from Starbucks. This is where they confided. So much was said that couldn’t be heard by anyone they knew. Each with a top secret mission.

  • Emma commented on the post, third 6 years ago

    three third graders stand shallow end of the pool. Poly prep “summer experience” swim racing of the last week. Day camp. They shift their weight from foot to foot while waiting to start. It is August, a cool summer day with out the sun. It might rain. A third place ribbon lands in the water, discarded. They can be found all around camp. Pinned to…[Read more]

  • Emma commented on the post, orphans 6 years ago

    I want to play little orphan annie. this is my big secret. I am an actress, i am far too old to play a ten year old. I am above middle school production shows like that. I am a sophisticated young women, I worship Sondheim and Chekov. But when I close my eyes, I want to be Annie.

  • Emma commented on the post, unkempt 6 years ago

    sunday nights are meant for getting things back to the starting line. To sharpen the dulled pencils, tweeze eyebrows and fool-proof the next seven days. Sweep up on the trails of the mess the tornado of last week is leaving. I’m turning circles around my bedroom with hawk eyes, that I must have borrowed them from someone else. Nothing can be…[Read more]

  • Emma commented on the post, progressive 6 years ago

    Progressive, like a flapper girl. Steal their hair and all. Like a liberal. That’s what you are, you’re progressive. Shame you’re so conservative. The way you judge, you act so progressive. That doesn’t make you a feminist. Okay, sure progressive. Progressive for politics of times a century ago. drink your drink, speak your mind. You still aren’t…[Read more]

  • Emma commented on the post, televised 6 years ago

    hello. live from my living room. It’s saturday night. I have nothing to report. I think the teleprompter in broken, so we are televising this live from new york, impromptu. Here’s to you New York. Happy Saturday Night.

  • Emma commented on the post, selling 6 years, 3 months ago

    what do i have to sell
    I don’t know
    i have nothing to offer
    but friendship?
    i’m nice i guess
    uncensored language
    nice to meet you