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    Another length of time has passed. I stumble across this site again. Still struggling to finish my book and continue compiling sort stories for a different book.

  • He couldn’t help but notice her smell went stale, her eyes no longer glistened with life. Limp, stolen. Her laugh was almost a whispered sorrow. He held her tight, close, always. She thought of other places. Dreams, wishes.. Life.

    Her voice was within a voice, within a voice, struggle… struggling to escape the crevices within. Speak, speak;…[Read more]

  • I just scrolled through all of my old stuff from almost three years ago. This site is almost like a journal. Strange to remember the past as I wrote it and not how I feel now.

  • Lips touch shoulder as I look back to watch you a little longer. Closer. Harder. I look back to memorize your movements, your smell, smile. My eyes, they shine for you.. My shadow doubles in size… I whisper to you.. “How did you become so brilliantly perfect?” Biting lower lip.. My head says back to me, “You’re surely lucky to have come across a…[Read more]

  • Her brow furrowed.. Hands upon my desk. She yells in my face.. closer, closer; closer to mine. I cannot help but noticed the beaded sweat collecting on her top lip as she instills what I’m lacking. Trying to comprehend my mistakes. I grin as to show no mercy. Her infuriated ways doubled. Her flesh boiled, eyes glaze over. I stand up. I stand. I leave.

  • She’s running. The chaotic laughter follows. Spiraling. Out of breath, lips curve up. Face to the sky… arms spread as though she can fly… spins… faster, faster. Her group of friends do the same.

    She screams. Not an angry yell but, simply, because she can. She has never felt this way before. Ease, bliss, freedom, life, happiness. She yells…[Read more]

  • Wow, It’s been so long since I was on this site. I am back, hoping to cure this block I have.

  • Your breath danced around my naked flesh. I couldn’t apprehend how your lips felt as though they pierced my tender skin each time we connected.

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    she walked into this room. this room full of delightful colours. she glamours around. former clothes fall. new clothes gather, glorious. she sits crying, quietly. happy, to finally be the person she feels.

  • the computer wont let me write-
    she peeks over his shoulder.. gibberish is all her eyes detain.. “let me in.. into this world i wish to surround myself in. i long to be close..” is all she can thinks. months she has sat within two empty seats, next, close to him. can smell his spirit and his smile. his eyes never look up.

  • i need to get back into writing, have been in this long lasting lull that needs to die off already.

  • laughter holds, meaning, pause. love shares all, shelter. anxiety, i miss us. graces give all. smiles.. impeccable.

  • you look into the eyes, they eyes of mine. they taunt back. giggle, oh the giggle. remorse. none of that reflects, eyes, remorse, taunt. smile through, the light, bright.

  • your saliva. beats down. wholesome. i look past you, your still there. prance.

  • the tick of tock, drops- rain. smile leaks ground. “do you see me?” trace the look, sweet in innocence, a nod. “i feel you.” leaves, crunch- gold. “do you.. do you see me?” water, splash, chaos. “i know you.”

  • brilliant minds. tickle. saddened minds. laugh. your mind. ponders. my mind. wonders.