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    She fastens the buttons of her dress all the way up to the collar. Looking in the mirror, she wonders if this shade of blue suits her as well as they said it did. Her small breasts look even more unimpressive than usual cloth, which really only looks like a man’s shirt taken in under […]

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    Lucas’ mother bustled about the kitchen, a blur of green plaid apron and fiery curls. She listed off chores and a number of other things as she washed the dishes but Lucas only stared at her with unyielding contempt. This woman was pretending to be his mother and it tore him apart to watch her […]

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    The cigarette smokes wound up into the air, curling softly in light gray plumes until disappearing into nothing. A series of fiery orange and pink strokes spread across the sky behind the the dark silhouettes of buildings.

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    I squint but the colors don’t return. In the few rays of light provided, everything appears to have a sepia glow. The smell of cigarettes and burning leaves somehow brings an old movie feel to the room.

  • She looked to the sky. “Problem?” His voice was a welcome distraction from her thoughts but she couldn’t tear herself from the clouds. “No.” “Okay.” Without a word, he lied down next to her to watch the clouds. When she chanced a glance to the side, she felt the knowledge in her breast and the […]

  • Peter knew it the moment they ran away from the Kingsmen together. The flutter in his chest confirmed it. Giving in to the feeling would ensure his death but he couldn’t lie to her any longer. He cupped her cheek in his calloused hand. Claire rested her hand over his. “Peter? Why do you look […]

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    “It’s just a token of their admiration, Peter. They look up to you.” Diantha stroked the petals one-by-one, bringing color back to the wilted edges and lifting them with a new life.
    The redhead scowled. “Shut up, Di.”
    “It’s okay. I understand.”
    Peter huffed and continued on their walk without a word.

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    Books piled high, like twirling staircases almost scraping the cracked ceiling. There was almost nothing else in the house other than books. Not one book case could be found. A chair might exist in the sea of pages, he wouldn’t know. Only the kitchen was less buried than the rest, if only for fire hazards […]

  • Natalie lacked all of this. Her entire facade was created to hide this and most of her life spent covering it up like a cranberry juice stain on white carpet.

  • He signed dreamily as heb leaned against the fence. When he looked up, Cass saw Benjamin smoking in the usual place on the roof. It was a foreign feeling when he realized how he wanted to prance up there and greet him with some manner of hug. Nonetheless, Cass was liking these feeling that Benjamin […]

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    Adam grins at me. The swings are standing in front of us, practically begging for us to swing on them. I shove my hands in my pockets. “I don’t want to…” “Oh shut up, that’s such a lie!” He drags me over, sitting me down. “Don’t worry, I promise you’ll still look cool! I’ll even […]

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    Benjamin throws his arm around Sean. They laugh and Sean turns his head to look at the blond beside him. Their faces are so close that he can see the faint freckles on Benjamin’s light face. He had no idea about them before.
    Cass watches and shakes his head, sorry for Sean.

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    Peter grins at Claire. She smiles back. There’s an unsaid secret, something they’ve hidden from their fairy friend. It isn’t out of malice that they share this secret.The rest of their Cell are splashing around in the lake. Luck basks in the sun, hoping to get a golden brown tan.

  • “Do you even remember where we first met?” Natalie asked. She tried to look focused on her chemicals.
    “Sean’s house? I was his friend first.” Cassidy sighed. Natalie got so annoying with her inquisitions.
    She glared at him briefly. “No. We met at the playground. I was with Sean.”
    The redhead shrugged noncommittally.

  • She dropped her pants, eyes screwed shut. Even without her vision, she could tell that Aiden was staring intently at the protrusion in her pants. Yes, Alice was a boy. A born boy in girl’s clothes with a girl’s name on his birth certificate.

  • The jacket tumbled out of her bag. Before she could stop the avalanche of things, the small black book fell out. It was slim and filled almost to the brim with inked entries. Natalie looked sheepish, trying to gather it up nonchalantly but her brother was done with her lies. He snatched up the book […]

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    There was no space between us. Oliver was pressed up against me and the closet door had shut behind him. His chest smushed my face. God, why is it so hot in here anyway? Oh yeah, I’m sick. I’ve got a fever, he’s probably going to get a fever, I’m bundled up in all these […]

  • Caught up in the details seeing string where there are none suspecting everything Why can’t it just be a compliment? I don’t want you for anything but friendship. I’m not high or drunk. I’m not trying to seem nice. I seriously just wanted to tell you all of you that you are so beautiful. Chill […]

  • Cassidy stared at the window, vaguely in the direction of the leaves. He noticed that it was becoming springtime, emerging from the snowy winter already. It made him smile. Almost a year ago, he met Benjamin. What a sweet day that was… “…Cass, Cass?” The pretty blond stared at him from under a mess of […]

  • I’ve never been so sure of it as I am today. I, Benjamin Faust, am homosexual. I like men. Meeting Cassidy has assured me of this. Mana thinks I might be bisexual and homoromantic, whatever that means. I just know that I like boys, Cassidy specifically. I can’t tell him just yet though. Timing is […]