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    I pick up the mop and chuck it into the cupboard, letting it clatter to the floor. I turn around, looking at the freshly cleaned floor.

    “I’m back!” a voice calls, said person walks in and tumbles onto the wet floor.

  • I sit up from the bed I had slept on. I rub my eyes and stand up, heading into the kitchen for breakfast. I make myself a bowl of cereal and pour a glass of juice. The house was silent beside the sound of the cereal crunchingh in my mouth.

  • “Ten thousand dollars!” he yelled, looking at the merchant.

    “Yes, thats the lowest I can go” the merchant replies.

    Jesse growls and walks off, ignoring the merchant behind him.

    “I ain’t paying that much, geez” he grumbles, walking down the crowded street.

    He pushed past large groups of people, looking for anything of use.

  • The boy’s clothes scrapped against the bark of the large tree. He climbs higher and higher, never seeming to reach the top. The wind tossles his hair and he giggles when a leaf lands on his face.
    He felt free and happy to be climbing his favourite tree.

  • The girl screamed as she banged on the soundproof window. The men in lab coats behind the glass continue to watch, even as the creature begins the creep up behind her. No matter how much she slammed on the window and screamed, she was doomed.

  • ‘I am so screwed’ he thinks as he looks at his broken swords laying on the ground.

    He looks up at the enemy, a smug smirk on their face.

    “Guess I’ll just have to improvise”

  • No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it. He didn’t have enough firepower. He lets out a pained yelp when he gets a bullet in his stomach. But he stays up, firing at the enemy, he was not going to die yet.