• Everything seems to be going wrong. But that is simply because I am making every wrong decision and now the consequences are coming to bite me so badly. But how does one start making the right decisions when you brain is wired to mess up?

  • Am I using the very best cement for the foundation of my sons’ formative years? This is the material used to seal and establish the inmost workings.

  • If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at any time.
    There is nothing more hopeful than that thought. The gentle, beautiful, bright green spire pressing through. It gives hope.

  • Charris is performed in a concert last week. She is in an orchestra and is doing a marvellous job. To think she’s only 11 years old and doing such wonderful work. I am such a proud aunt, I cannot wait to see what she does next. She is very accomplished.

  • The cross, no crosses, I am carrying today are the heaviest I have ever been burned with. It is the first day back at work leaving my two precious babies at home with a pagan caregiver.
    The most important step as a mother is to show up and by leaving my boys today I feel like I have failed, dismally.