• Birth is the start of life. But there’s a great difference between just existence and really living. I wanna live. Really live. See things and travel the world. I don’t just want to be born.

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    haha styrofoam, great thing. Great invention. I like styrofoam cups. They make it so easy because you dont have to wash them and you can just throw them away. Not so good for the environment but oh well. Global warming is a life anyway. Don’t bullshit me with all that ozone crap!

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    Integrity is dignity. You have to have morals and believe that there is a clear difference between right and wrong. Not all people have integrity. But I do. Or, I did. Until I met him. And he wanted asked me something I should’ve said no too. But I didn’t. I lost my integrity.

  • A classic is something beautiful, archaic, outdated but never to much so. Everyone has heard of it. Everyone has read it seen it dreamed of it. I wish to be a classic. World reknowned. But this is sadly a dream. Because people are the one thing that can never become a “classic”.

  • Policy, mine is to never hope never dream never want. I break my policy often. But you know what? it’s perfect. Because if I don’t expect anything actually getting something is even better. Does anyone agree with foreign policy? I think i do. I have no idea though.

  • Whole. I haven’t been whole since the day he broke my heart, so many years ago. Sometimes I do something, say something and it brings me back to those days. Those long days. Every day was a holiday with him. Now what?

  • Whole. What does it mean to be whole? I haven’t been whole since he broke my heart that first time. I guess its like a drug, sadness is. I guess you feel it for the first time and you don’t understand it entirely. Don’t know why it made you feel the way it did. But […]