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    Why would anyone want to buy a flea, so why are there so many markets for them? It seems to be part of all ethnic cultures to celebrate the usefulness of these creatures that inhabit our houses, cats, dogs — and occasionally, children.

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    Nothing to do with babies. To crib, when I was at school, meant to copy homework or exam answers from another pupil – with or without their knowledge. Allowing someone to crib your own work could be a powerful tool. Our school bully was a thug named Nick Dempsey who came from a long line of school bullies and hence the fear he engendered traveled…[Read more]

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    My new girlfriend comes from Prague. I call her my Checkmate.

  • Thamus commented on the post, sanctity 6 years, 9 months ago

    At what point in the chain of life does sanctity of life cease to apply. Somewhere above the cockroach? Below the bacterium?