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    I avoid writing like the plague. Why? I don’t know. I hate feeling inadequate, and second guessing myself all the time. It’s difficult to write – and even more difficult to avoid it.

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    Growing up, I knew a little something about bronze. My parents had a pair of my baby shoes “bronzed” and placed a decorate plaque that sat on a shelf in the living room. I didn’t know bronze was a metal at the time; I only knew it had something to do with my shoes.

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    I often wonder what covert military operation the United States is conducting, or has conducted. I sometimes believe the Kennedy Assassination was a covert military or CIA or joint operation. I don’t believe Oswald acted alone, or even pulled the trigger. It was definitely a covert operation.

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    I can’t believe the kid overtly poured hot coffee all over the camel! Yes, yes. You’re thinking that’s some sort of overt euphemism, but, in point of fact, she overtly poured hot coffee on a camel!

    First of all, where did she get a camel? Some zookeeper, or Arab, overtly gave it to her so that she could overtly pour hot coffee on him! Disgusting!

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    The rocket blasted into outer space, into the heavens. It would not return for several years, several millennia, as it were. Eventually it reached the outer cosmos and, some say, grazed the feet of God.