• They say
    that you know when you’ve been chosen.
    They say
    that you will be chosen;
    they say that, some day,
    one day,
    someone will love you
    as much as you love them back.
    They say
    that everyone is chosen
    at some point in their life.
    They say
    to stop, drop, and let it roll–it’ll happen
    someday, so why be restless now,

    But it…[Read more]

  • Ariadne Jenkins commented on the post, rewrite 6 years ago

    Corlyenne reluctantly moved her homework onto her desk, and instantly regretted it.

    Now, she understood what the hard lump by Waggie’s favorite fire hydrant was, and what Peter and Macy had used as a makeshift napkin on their greasy picnic. It also didn’t help that Fergie had drooled all over Waggie’s food bowl, causing Waggie to pack it down…[Read more]

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    “Hello,” said the cool, even voice on the other end of the phone call. “It’s me. I’m here to talk about–the you-know-what.”


    “Yeah. We need to start planting people at the right spots at the right times, and have them dispatched to the location at different times to not arouse suspicion.”

    “I’ve already contacted everyone who was…[Read more]

  • “REBOUND!” yelled Chelsea, standing up in her seat and pointing furiously at the player number 14 on Maryland’s team. “REBOUND, REBOUND!”

    Eric looked at her incredulously. Oh, how embarrassing it was to take his date to a game, and then realize that she knew more about the sport than he did.

    “That’s a CARROT!” shrieked Chelsea angrily, as…[Read more]

  • Merlyn cocked her head at the piece of paper. “So…what is this supposed to be, again?”

    Cassidy rolled her eyes. “Guess, dumbo.”

    Merlyn narrowed her eyes. A great, long line of crossing lines, loops, crosses–so much complexity!…what did it all mean? And how come Cassidy knew what everything on it meant so perfectly?

    “I said it all…[Read more]

  • “Hey,” said Sam, trying to act as suave and as nonchalant as he had been when he practiced in from of the mirror last night. “How ya doin’, babe? You look just smokin’!”

    “Hi to you, too,” Roxxi said, in a bored sort of way. Puffy-eyed and bedheaded, she swept her way over to the kitchen table with a bowl of soggy cereal floating around in it…[Read more]

  • “This,” said Professor Hoffman, his thick, veined fingers slapping his ancient wood cane against the faded blackboard, “is historic.”

    His wrinkled face split into a grin, as he pointed to the map of the city of Rome. “Historic,” he repeated, and Madelyn watched his wispy swab of milk-white hair brush the top of the Roman coat of arms. “Ancient.…[Read more]

  • The flower had died two days ago, but Merlyn wasn’t surprised. After all, she had basically drowned it one day and baked it to a crisp the next.
    Good, she thought evilly. Very good practice to finally becoming a professional supervillain.
    That is, until she got enough of killing flowers.

  • “Oh!” squealed Marigold, fumbling with the package. Her trembling fingers struggling to open the package, she turned her face, delighted, but scarred by Down syndrome, to Jack’s.
    “T-t-tank you,” she mumbled.
    “Don’t mention it, Marigold,” said Jack, though worry creased his eyebrows.

  • “But it’s my prize collection!” protested Brittany.
    Rosie glared. “Look, gal,” she snapped, “you are either going to throw out all of those rotten tuna cans, or I’ll personally kick you out of the Girls’ Glam Gang.”

  • “No!” yelled Samantha. “He’s innocent! Sean is innocent!”
    “Open the door, ma’am. Open the door.” The officers’ voices were cool, yet sounded frusterated.
    “Sean Marcus Golding has committed a first-degree murder,” said one police officer. “By helping a criminal, you have committed a crime. Open the door, ma’am. Now.”…[Read more]

  • “NO!” shrieked Samantha. “I won’t let you!”

  • A magpie flew through the open sky, its open call stirring the creatures below. It flew by a woman, drinking coffee. It flew by a kindergartener, whose backpack swung. It flew by a man, checking his watch. It flew by the other birds. It flew above them all.

  • The aspen cries from praire
    Shaking, looming

    The girl sits sad, alone
    Tears fall quick but

  • Lucy gulped for air as she rounded the corner of the airport, her auburn hair flying. Her head instinctively whipped back to check for the police. Lucy began sobbing. How could she tell them? How could they know what horrors that James was going to do?
    Lucy gasped as she looked at the electronic broadcast board. A bloody body laid in the…[Read more]