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    It cuts deeper this time. Further down into the depths of my already weak stomach, further into my soul. Wishing to rewind to when laughter penetrated through my lips instead of empty words. I am ill in a way I have never known before.

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    Feelings do not come with an instruction manual nor are there any tools provided when it comes to knowing how to deal with them. Feelings are most certainly not something you can install and then wipe your hands clean of when the job is finished. Once feelings are in place, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you do everything in your…[Read more]

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    It is often so very difficult for us to feel “content” in life. We typically are scared when we have become stable in a situation as we constantly feel as though we should be doing more. There is nothing wrong with the feeling of contentment and perhaps this is what we should all be striving for in the world today. Society is too focused on the…[Read more]

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    She used to be the type. She used to believe in pushing her positive feelings on others. Except now she had lost her drive. She had spent so much time pumping others up that she forgot how to be happy herself. She used to be a cheerleader and now she is just trying to have faith in the team surrounding her that has continually let her down.

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    The way it all came together was unexplainable. It felt as though all the missing pieces were found and linked back with one another as though they had never been apart. So why is it that it all came crumbling down? Maybe it was a fear of genuine happiness or difficulty processing the feelings that were present. We often never know what the real…[Read more]

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    Swerve to where you want to be. Don’t take the direct path as that has no adventure to it. Be daring, be bold. Take the path that scares you instead of always sticking to the straight and narrow. You never know where a bit of deviation will take you when you are least expecting it. Swerve right, swerve right…just don’t ever let yourself feel…[Read more]

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    Life is all about ingredients. Whether it be baking a new dish or lining up your next job, you have to have all of the basics in order to accomplish the goal. Gather the ingredients, form them into what you want, and then you have your desired outcome. If you are missing anything, what you had in mind will not turn out in the way you imagined.

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    It was a year in which ballot’s may have destroyed our country, but let’s look at the bright side. We are still living, breathing, and getting to be a part of this awesome thing called LIFE. A small piece of paper does not determine who you are as a person or who you are going to be in the future. Do not let the decisions of others affect how you…[Read more]

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    An old oak tree with an ancient swing hanging from its branches. The swing had seen time pass through it. From the little girl being held in her mother’s arms to that same girl learning how to pump her feet to keep the swing moving. Then to her teen years when she cried over her first heartbreak while sitting on that same swing.The oak tree had…[Read more]

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    Where did you go? You kept me rolling on like the wheels do for the bicycle. Without you, I crumbled. I stopped dead in my tracks…fell to the ground. One minute there and the next you erased yourself, but the memory lingers on which is the worst part of all. Not the stopping, not the fall—it’s just the good times that are keeping me down. But d…[Read more]

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    And there he was—standing there…my friend of 11 years. A smile on his face and a smile on mine. Two friends who could simply laugh together and talk as if they saw each other every day. It was so natural. He was always a gentleman and she always felt as if he just understood when she needed him most. Their friendship could not be tested by…[Read more]

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    Have you ever watched a video of the vocal folds in action? It is actually quite amazing. Such small structures, but they have the power to help us do the one thing we all want to do—communicate. It is amazing just how fast they move and how much they can do. Everything must work together to let the vocal folds do their job though, therefore if…[Read more]

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    A lonely fisherman—
    as he sat on the dock with his fishing pole in one hand and his beer in the other, he thought to himself…
    “What is my higher purpose, what should I be doing with my life?”
    Except he answered this question himself. He realized he is supposed to live the simple life and continue being happy. That’s his purpose.

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    Never withhold from saying what you truly want to say. It often does not do us any good to keep our true feelings locked up inside. Let the words flow from your mouth, because yes, they could be harmful, but they could also be the same words that will change your life forever. Say what is on your mind and maybe you will help someone out who had…[Read more]

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    Every feel as if you will collapse from the weight of the world? What do you do to avoid the inevitable slip between the cracks of your life? The thing is, you can’t avoid the collapse but you can grow from it. Let is happen and then look back on it. Realize that there is always something there to help you pick yourself up. Realize you are never…[Read more]

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    An overt personality, thats what I used to be. Always wanting to tell more about myself and ready to experience new things. Except now, it has turned into constantly having my head buried in work and worries. Always wanting to succeed, never wanting to fail. Feeling lost in my own skin and as if nothing is ever good enough. Amazing how something…[Read more]

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    There they were…on the forefront of a new discovery. Except, what did this really mean? Would it bring them fame and success or did they not want that? Perhaps they should keep quiet. Keep their little discovery a secret and not let the world get involved. They had discovered the true meaning of love and wonder…was it selfish to keep it for themselves?

  • Teeps commented on the post, spiral 6 years ago

    Don’t let it spiral out of control. Stand your ground and take it all one step at a time. Try to leave your comfort zone, but remain aware of your roots and the person you are. Spiraling downward is not the answer, spiraling into new adventures is what you want to strive towards. Live, but be cautious…for one never knows where their path will take them.

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    There they stood. Hand in hand, eyes looking toward the starlit sky. Moments together seemed perfect. He smiled, she smiled…life was OKAY. The breeze gently brushed against their cheeks, sending a shiver up both of their spines. This is where they were meant to be…this is where life had taken them.

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    A baggy sweatshirt and jeans…unkempt hair, no makeup. That’s what she liked though. She never found it necessary to have to be something she’s not. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be? You should never be afraid to look like a mess, wear what you want, feel whatever you feel like feeling. Don’t worry about all the structure, JUST LIVE.