• You wake me, I’m all greens and yellows
    softening glows become violent beams
    and those yellows shatter into brilliant whites
    that shock my vision, break my dreams;

    I give you a smile, like I know what I’m doing
    when I’m not aware fully of what is going on
    and you look at me, lovingly, awaiting my kisses
    and roll over before too long.

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, thirst 4 years, 11 months ago

    She didn’t understand the need for more, until her goals were in sight.
    Blowing through stop signs, jumping the hurdles,
    creating new goal-posts from the husks of the ones before.

    She was thirsty. Desperate.
    Challenge deficient.
    Nothing gave her more thrill, more joy,
    than the next chase, the next ride, the next run.

  • Strung, high as a kite, knotted and frayed and beyond repair
    though lovingly held onto, scattered in blue winds
    tail waving listlessly across the green.

    Take me, skies, to wherever you please;
    you are my muse and I am your earthbound paper bird.

  • She felt connected to the wind, yet chained to the earth
    she had memories of where it all begins, yet shadows of her birth
    the images were faded, like a photograph in the sun
    perhaps that left her jaded, but she wasn’t the only one.

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, falter 4 years, 12 months ago

    You fall sometimes, you falter at others
    your knees may scuff or your hair fall out of place
    but no matter what, you must pull yourself to your feet
    and keep on the journey, whatever your pace.

  • She walked on toes, pointed in slippers
    her footsteps dainty as she made her way to the wall;
    she’d stand there, tall and yet shadowy, hidden
    taking it in while giving her all;
    no one noticed her billowing ballgown
    or the way her hair shimmered in the silver moonlight;
    for she was merely there as a guest
    not as a dancer or showgirl tonight.

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    He lumbered along the beaten path
    his grunts and groans could be heard for miles;
    people avoided him, steering for grass,
    eyes downcast, face devoid of smiles…

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, greedy 5 years ago

    Her lips were wide and ruby
    her eyes were green and cold
    her hands reached out in envy
    at all she couldn’t hold.

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, thrown 5 years ago

    Tossed aside like paper, cast out like broken glass
    she took one look behind her, and sadly breathed her last,
    given all she gave up and taken all she had
    she never deserved this exist, she’d never been that bad;
    but this was how they saw her, like trash with no regard
    if only they had saved her, she’d have been a brighter shard.

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, accomplice 5 years ago

    She looked at me with eyes of steel, burrowing through my soul with a pointed desperation. How could I say no to her when she begged me with her very essence? Taking her on my shoulders, I threw our weight away from the situation she can set aflame, putting myself in danger for her idiocies, but saving myself from my own regret.

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, apologetic 5 years ago

    I’m sorry.

    Words so often said, but seldom really felt. It’s easy to apologize for things but not so simple to make amends for that which was said or done. Yet we continue to act and continue to use these words to somehow negate those choices.

    Choose to repeat our actions and then repeat our words.
    Over and over.
    Until our ‘I’m sorry’s’…[Read more]

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, coil 5 years, 4 months ago

    Don’t think, just wrap yourself up and forget you exist
    like a snake enraptured by its own venom
    I’ll gaze inwardly for a few moments, coil around my own thoughts
    as I extinguish any thought that could have been useful
    or beautiful or true
    and just write for the sake of writing
    like I owed it to the world to scrawl letters on a blank page.

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, camera 7 years, 8 months ago

    I like to look through a lens
    at my own world
    distorted through my own means
    my mind, fictional
    my body, sadly, fact

    the camera of my soul shutters too fast
    to catch a glimpse of that which is truly […]

  • This is a statement.

  • I long for sixty-five degrees, the sunsets and the wind that brushes me warmly as it skips across my skin, I want ice-cream carts and pinwheels, kick-ball in the park Kites upon the downs, and skinny-dipping lark, Gourmet barbecues with ribs and steak to spare bare feet, t-shirt, the whole summer affair. If I could […]

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, endless 8 years, 8 months ago

    It seemed endless, the way they looked at one another. The sideways glances, the sleeping lids, the awkward sidestep around the corner to just get one more peek at the other. There was the occasional shared smile, the nervous laugh or the downcast eyes and bitten lip. It was a romance they’d never seek, but […]

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, notice 8 years, 9 months ago

    Drained of all empathy
    I’d been forced to have my fill
    I had once accepted patiently
    all that they could throw at me;
    I exacted my revenge
    in the form of one small letter
    a notice of sorts;
    it read simply
    ‘I quit’.

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    You hit the nail on the head when you raised that hammer it came thundering down in a blur of silver stars and when you raised it again in a threatening manner I took to my heels, pushed aside iron bars for you cannot trap me and then keep on hitting I’m not just a […]

  • It’s not practical to think with your heart the muscle with which you leap and run through countless thoughts of romance it’s comical, come to think about it that that one, blue-red beating bagpipe is capable of feeling such emotions as feeling swept up with the flow of things the literal through your veins flow […]

  • teachthegirl commented on the post, spike 8 years, 10 months ago

    On oceans, waves coming up like icicles from beneath me, I float endlessly through a stream of doubt. It circles me, endlessly, trying to seek out my inner-most being through my water-laden clothes. I’m weighted by my own anchor, drifting silently along shades of blue, just one small kiss below the waters top. I can […]