• Tana commented on the post, flannel 2 years ago

    As the cold weather starts to creep up on us I realize it’s almost the best time of the year. When you can cozy up by the fireplace with your favorite old flannel (the one that should probably be in the trash can) and a piping hot chocolate in hand all day long, flipping through Halloween movies without feeling guilty about it.

  • Tana commented on the post, lack 2 years ago

    It is only the second week of college and I am already making a long list of things I’m lacking. Im lacking sleep, a full fridge, a stress-free week, any free time, the list goes on. Just waiting for the day I feel like I’m not lacking in every aspect of life!!

  • Tana commented on the post, firepower 2 years ago

    No one really uses the word “firepower” anymore. You don’t hear, “Wow, that girl has firepower”, at least not from anyone under the age of 50 (apologies if you’re under 50 and use the word daily). But why not, why don’t we pay attention to people’s firepower as much as we should. It really is a powerful word, it’s the will and drive we have within…[Read more]