• Talia posted an update 8 years, 3 months ago

    that’s surrealism for you:

    One, two, three, four, those hopscotch shoe tripping up and down the foreseeable path, caught between rows of numbers like a sick snake-patterned design. They are Oreos and pebbles fighting a fierce two and a double-timing three. They battle their way up only to turn and turn again, those legless shoes. They battle their way down, downstream, down river, down the elements come falling. They can’t stop so they burn through the leather of the thick baby souls and hop and skip and jump.
    It isn’t fun it’s only leather and stones and the pavement which is dusty from chalk ruins. They were left there by the kids, who are gone. The chalk, which is gone, rained away but there are chalk ruins, their dust like bile in kids’ mouths and shoes’ mouths. Whether the shoes want to or not, their invisible body doesn’t matter, because they hop stone over stone, square over square. It’s like dancing, except painful. And it’s not dancing, it’s only hopscotch.