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    I thought this said runaway so I’m going to write about that word instead because I prefer it: A runaway is this little girl named Freya who likes strawberries more than anything. She has to be all dirty with torn up clothes and a curse because what else would she be running away from? Her […]

  • Talia commented on the post, bland 8 years, 1 month ago

    I can’t taste it – Only feel that smooth, slick, sleek, sliminess slurping down my throat. It only lives in textures and the mean things it inflicts on skin. It tastes like nothing, like lollipop wrapper skins, whatever those are. I swallow it up, whole, like fucking onion paper. Mmm, there. I guess my duty […]

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    Lily of the valley is that beautiful flower, but it represents the more tragic side of life. Death is what it represents and we all think that is a tragedy. Yes, because you don’t rise from it. Necessary but devastating. There is only so much readiness you can have and it will never fully predict […]

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    This is what I tie around myself to contain that firm emotion of “I am not a home maker.” I can’t let it spill into my cookies or cupcakes because then they won’t taste any good at all. I keep my feminist (human equalitist) ideals out of this and proceed with caution, mixing like this […]

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    In the trunk of my car, that’s where I keep the goods, girls. Bags of nailpolish, stacked up high and filled with Vogues. I’m like the Mary Kay lady because my car is so pink, bringing all of the little girls racing to me, fast on Cinderella heels. I fill with them with the lessons […]

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    The bridge to terabithia was a terrrible book that i didn’t feel that I could finish. It was incomplete – a childhood mess without the lessons that older literature often find within those black and white words. I preferred the one about the dog, Winn Dixie – he was more human to me in his […]

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    Hurry up. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. The date is: boom, the day I get my braces off. I rush into that busy, steaming office and get the metal yanked from teeth. “My baby’s a woman,” my mother croons (just kidding). But Mikayla really did squeal when she saw me. She […]

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    the floodgates opened up and like a rushing, whirling, storm-filled eddy, his emotions came pouring out. my uncle was now the image of a broken man – one who had lost everything – wife, kids, dignity. what he did not know, though, was of our family’s secret strength. It originated from his grandfather, a crusty […]

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    Thunder and fire and rain and all of that divinity pouring down from Zeus’ perch. He is the fire, the rain, the air. The only thing he lacks is Earth, held by sweet Demeter and Astarte and Persephone and Hera and Hestia. All of the women have it, because they are the body of us. […]

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    The lion uncle from the Lion King. He was so evil and so bad because he was close to the family. He pulled Simba into his confidence – this was the way they always did it in the old world, you see. Brother killed brother and father killed son. Those wretched battles of land and […]

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    The artist’s palette is this tiny tool with thin slots for colors. Only three colors are needed – red, blue, and what was that last one? I think it was yellow. But what about black and white? And pink and purple and magenta and grass green and sunshine orange. We are more than a three […]

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    A Room With a View. Stunning, really, what Forster can do. With Helena Bonham Carter in it, too. Although the movie is never as true. But it perfectly portrayed that fine British crew. And the images made it one that flew.

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    The sneaky words that Camus planted in that book – tricking me all the way back to the very first part. At the time, those words had no meaning. Just his absurdist doctrine, taking on the look of realism, disguised in a white-washed paperback. But that nurse, mini Ratched, was right. There is no way […]

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    jar of hearts, jar of hearts. we screamed it at that blonde haired girl. i mean, she’d only sung the song once, how could she expect it would be a cult favorite? but we didn’t want adele, we didn’t want ingrid (even if we did, we kept it to ourselves). it was naomi laz, performing […]

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    Manchester Orchestra. This weird band as far as I can remember even though Meg loves them to pieces. Or just one song by them. Have you ever noticed that people have this way about them of making these vast generalisations? when they’ve heard one song, they’re the biggest fan. Everyone is a superlative, est, est, […]

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    I am positively perfect in every way. Woops, wait, that’s practically – Mary Poppins old school style. Old movies are positively fascinating. Dick van dyke was positively wonderful and now he’s positively dead. Or maybe that would be negatively. I should say so. He was a champ, a real champ.

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    The colorful designs that Christine found on all of the clothes in her closet. Man, heaven sure did know how to provide for her. They got her style exactly right. It was all fun, all floral, as if her clothes could do the talking for her. She had always been afraid of being terribly dull, […]

  • Talia commented on the post, alarmist 8 years, 3 months ago

    Why don’t they change the words on here, I’ve always wondered. I’m alarmed, am I an alarmist? Maybe I’m sounding the alarm. of my own stupidity for assuming everyone is on American time, Eastern time. This is the downfall of my generation, is how we are so closed minded in thinking we are the only […]

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    This is a strange, alarming concept. Bells going off – why can’t they hear me? Too many signs, singals, rhymes, rhythms, patterns and red underlines like the bags under my eyes and the hairs that stick on end. Falling apart, mofo, we scream, like a cultural anthem, the flasks going crunch like soft glass under […]

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    The kind of skin I always wonder about when I’m standing at one of those makeup counters in a fancy department store. I shrink, out of place, wishing I had an imposing grandmother to make shopgirls scurry to do my will. But it’s just me, probably dressed in neon blue, while they interrogate me about […]