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    “Oh my God, don’t move.”

    Jon froze where he was. Jay slowly lifted her phone from the table, inching toward him with the camera aimed just above his face.

    “Um,” Jon said finally.

    “Got it!” Jay barked, making him jump. “There was a moth on your head, fella!” she explained then, holding her phone screen up to him. “See?”

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    “You do not seriously have silk pajamas.”

    “Should I. Should I not have those?”

    “Oh my God you are a STEREOTYPE! You are a stereotypical rich boy.”

    “They’re comfortable!”

    “They’re ostentatious!”

    “Guess I know what I’m getting you for your birthday, then.”


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    At first Icarus couldn’t even believe it. He had fallen so many times, he thought that he must be imagining the way the wind scooped him up now, pushing up at his wings and lifting him into the sky. He let go a breathless laugh. “I’m flying,” he murmured, and then, crowing for all the sky to hear: “I’M FLYING!”

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    Grantaire bristled. He hated being caught in the crossfire of an argument. No, that wasn’t true — he hated being caught in the crossfire of a /fight./ He could take it when Enjolras and Courfeyrac were going at it, debating one political subject or another; hell, he sometimes even played devil’s advocate when that was happening. But this was…[Read more]

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    “Oh, don’t flatter yourself. This trap isn’t for you. I’m assuming that, if I keep you here long enough, my real prey will show up soon enough.”

    The color drained from Combeferre’s face. “What do you mean?” he asked warily.

    “I mean I’m using you,” the captain said bluntly. “To catch the one I’m really after.”

    Combeferre swallowed.…[Read more]

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    “Can we not right now?” Grantaire yawned. “I’ve actually got a really important commission I need to be working on –”

    “Ah, right,” Enjolras spat. “And how long have you put this one off?”

    Grantaire had been doing well with swallowing his anger up to this point, but that last jab had struck true. “Listen, you goddamn /deity,/ I know you…[Read more]

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    “Grantaire, you’re cheating.”

    Grantaire smirked, but didn’t look up. “Oh yeah?”

    “Yeah. I’m gonna need you to take it down a notch for a couple of seconds okay because some of us aren’t minor deities of the sand colonies and you’re just going to have to respect that.”

    Courfeyrac still hadn’t managed to use his pail to make a single sand…[Read more]

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    “You think that this is going to mean anything?” Grantaire sneered. Somewhere behind his hazy eyes he wanted to stop but he couldn’t, because Enjolras was strong and Enjolras was /beautiful/ but Enjolras was also so blindingly /wrong./

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    I remember when compound words were my favorite. This was when I was still pretty young; I didn’t really know a whole lot of words yet. I still don’t, really, but I feel like I’ve kinda grown out of the compound ones. Which, as with most things related to childhood, carries with it a sort of sadness.

    But compound words are great because they…[Read more]

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    Enjolras rolled his eyes at his teacher’s standard-issue retort and his gaze landed on the paper of the kid next to him. With a fine-tipped pen, the guy was detailing a fantastically intricate border all around the sheet, completely ignoring the instructions printed on it; the instructions that Enjolras had been challenging just seconds before.…[Read more]

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    “We need a cool group name. Let’s be the Odd Squad.”

    “We’re an activist group, Courf, not a band.”

    “Still, though, I mean, we’re gonna need a catchy name if we want anyone to pay attention to us, right?”

    “Well — well okay, but what does Odd Squad have to do with what we stand for?”

    “We’re odd and we’re a squad Combeferre what more do…[Read more]

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    “The sensible thing to do would be –”

    “FUCK the sensible thing to do!” Courfeyrac cried gleefully. “For once let’s just — let’s just fuckin DO a thing, you know what I mean? I feel so ALIVE let’s DO something let’s KILL a guy!”

    “Well maybe we shouldn’t do THAT, necessarily, but –”

    “No I’m dead serious Combeferre let’s kill a guy,”…[Read more]

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    I walked into the classroom and sat down in the very back, burying my face in my arms. So, my first day wasn’t going super well. I took a few deep breaths before reemerging. Maybe this class wouldn’t be so bad; it was Philosophy 101, after all, how totally taxing could it be? Weren’t we just supposed to talk about all the different answers to…[Read more]

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    When Combeferre opened the door his stomach dropped.

    “What happened?” he asked, running his eyes over a rage-shaken Enjolras in search of bruises and lacerations. “Are you okay?”

    “They fucking — stole — my car,” the latter replied in a deadly low voice.

    Combeferre’s eyebrows shot up. “Who did?”

    “Who do you think? Fucking — made…[Read more]

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    “Stop /mothering/ me!” Enjolras snapped. “I can take care of /myself,/ Combeferre!”

    Combeferre closed his mouth. He exhaled slowly. “You’re right,” he murmured. “Sorry. I’ll just. Let me know if you — never mind. I’ll leave you alone.”

    The second the door clicked shut behind his roommate Enjolras felt regret surge hot into his chest.…[Read more]

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    He’d gotten that far-off look again, the one that sometimes interrupted breakfast or gardening, the one that crept into his eyes when he allowed his brain to idle.

    “Marius.” Cosette turned him to face her and watched the fog dissipate, watched his focus come to rest on her. He smiled and placed a hand over hers.

    “Sorry,” he…[Read more]

  • “Fuck,” Courfeyrac muttered, yanking his headphones off. “Something’s screwing with our transmission. Feuilly, can you help me out?”

    Feuilly crossed to the switchboard to squint at it over Courfeyrac’s shoulder.

    “Have you tried –?”

    /”Radio ABC.”/

    Everyone froze. The voice that had purred their station’s name through their speakers…[Read more]

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    He is screaming for me. Or, at least, that is what it looks like. I cannot hear what is going on on the other side of the mirror. Though it becomes apparent quite soon that he can hear me.

    I am pressing my hand against the glass. I cannot bear to see Carlos, perfect, beautiful Carlos, so twisted and crumpled with distress, but…[Read more]

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    “Ah, yes, little bit of intrigue,” Brett said. The first time I’d heard it I’d laughed. Today I only smiled, shaking my head. Fuckin Brett, man.

    “Yeah, quite,” I conceded. “So I just kinda sauntered on after him, right?”

    “You /followed/ him?” he squawked.

    “I wouldn’t say /followed,/ but actually yeah. You’re missing the point, pay attention.”