• I have systems in place within my day. There are certain things I must do in a certain order, or my whole life seems thrown off course. For instance, I must begin writing in the morning. The afternoon, on the whole, is a much less productive time for me.

  • To person or persons unknown: you are my audience. Every book that I write is aimed directly at your soul. When I think about you reading my work, it thrills me to the very core. Now, if only you would take the […]

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    What is a divorce but a treaty between two warring parties?

  • Writing is cathartic: a way of emptying out the brain and burning the trash that filled it.

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    My husband came home with a cap today. It is black leather, and looks like something an Irishman — like my husband — would wear. His father, an incurable bargain hunter, found it for him at one of the many […]

  • What’s are necessities in my life? Something to write with (be it paper and pen or computer) and a bottle of anything caffeinated. Beyond those items, I’m flexible.

  • Sometimes my heart plots
    With memories to convict
    My guilt-ridden soul

  • When I thought about writing as a child, I remember wanting to be a reporter — someone who tracked down stories and shared them with the world. As I got older, I realized writing fiction was easier — no one […]

  • I love architecture. Older buildings are the most fascinating to me — and usually have the most personality. Only builders born of the industrial age and later could think that tract homes are a good idea.

  • I rarely have any dilemmas. Decisions are generally easy for me to make. The biggest problem I run into is whether to cook or eat at a restaurant — this problem can be solved by simply failing to plan a meal.

  • How does one transform the world? One good decision at a time. One friendly smile, one kind word, one positive change.

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    People say all sorts of things will stunt your growth. Me, I always was willing to give it a try: cigarettes, alcohol, too much caffeine. Whatever. Nothing worked — I’m six feet tall. Or maybe it did work: I was […]

  • I was leading a perfectly fine life. I had a fiance, a job, and friends — everything the world said I should have at that particular age. That’s why the first email was such a shock — it advised me to leave […]

  • How do you retrieve a wasted life? If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice that might make you go a different direction — change your fate — would you do it? Or would you let stay the course […]

  • I stare at the monitor, wondering what the email will say this time. This is not the first time I’ve received a note from this unidentified stranger from the future. Usually, I take her advice. This time, though, I’m happy.

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    I wonder what it’s like to be on a quest. Maybe I’m already on one — a quest for immortality through my writing. Yes, that sounds like a lovely quest. Unfortunately, I seem to have more than my share of […]

  • Calling others has always presented a problem to me. I hate dialing a number and waiting for someone to answer. I worry that I’ll say something stupid, or that the person I’m calling won’t actually want to hear […]

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    My clothes always end up in a pile on top of this wooden bench my father made. I say it’s a bench — actually, it’s a hinged hamper disguised as a bench. The pile of clothes should actually be inside it, not piled […]

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    Sometimes, I’m just way off base. I’m out of step with the world — almost like I’m just a fraction of a second ahead or behind the rest of the world. I wish I could hop in a time machine and land in exactly the […]

  • I use the backspace key a lot when I’m typing. It’s automatic for me. Sometimes, I wish I could backspace my life — just click on the keys and erase a few years of history. Not lately, of course, but I’d love to […]