• susie commented on the post, copper 9 years ago

    Give us a copper, will ya, coppers for the babby – go on love. Thos shawlies used to scare me in the back streets when I was little and they were threatening. Go on love, go on love, I hope it chokes ya!

  • susie commented on the post, understood 9 years ago

    I understood what he was saying but i couldn’t understand why. What had I ever done to cause this sort of outburst against me, against everything I’d ever stood for? He had understood nothing – ever! I could hardly believeit.

  • susie commented on the post, cowboy 9 years ago

    cowboy builders. Know all about them. who doesn’t? those guys who arrive and leave for bits they have to buy and then don’t come back for another week. but why cowboys? what did cowboys ever do thats remotely like crap builders?

  • susie commented on the post, ivy 9 years ago

    holly and the ivy. ivy grows so fast it’s impossible to control and it smothers everything else in its path. All different sorts but I don;t like any of them.