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    The word possible has a strong attachment to me. Usually I have been told that there are just some things in life that are impossible, that no matter how hard you try they will not come true. This word is a bond […]

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    Crew? Like Crew socks? That’s the first thing that comes to mind. Or the crew on a boat or the ghetto word meaning of crew. I’d love to be in the Navy, a pilot to be exact :) that would be pretty intense, but I […]

  • Separate? How ironic. That’s what I feel from my best friends right now. Hailey and Max/Serena and Gabe. Just because they have boyfriends doesn’t mean that they have the damn right to ignore the rest of us and […]

  • Hallowed? Reminds me of emptiness. That’s a bit how I feel now. Some of my friends have left me empty inside. They get significant others and suddenly the rest of us are suddenly not important. There’s two of them […]

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    What? Fix! I don’t know what to fix? My life? My goals? My procrastination! I’. a very slow typer! ugh. I need to be doing homework right now, but instead I’m here doing whatever this is I need to fix that ASAP! I […]