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    She was sitting at the library cubicle on a hot summer day. escaping the heat, checking her facebook, minding her own damned business. The curve of her breasts beneath the babydoll-cut dress accentuated her figure and–as she well knew–displayed her clevage prominently. Moreover, it allwoed her body to breathe in the 105f degree heat. She checked her email, signed up for a 14-day trial pass at the local gym, and rifled through her purse to find the two nickels at the bottom of the crumb-infested bag. It wasn’t until she stepped over the computer cord that she realized she was flashing her panties. It wasn’t till that very moment she noticed he was rubbin his pant leg quite vigorously. should she feel ashamed? or should he? To react to a person in public, or to go out looking and feeling beautiful and comfortable? who owns that shame?