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    Curves of lines, the soft colours that blend, sweaty skin and halted breaths. All of it reminds them of each other. It doesn’t mean that they can’t stop, per say, but they think that the way that they look at each […]

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    Warmth. Everlasting, crackling, the hearth of the fireplace made him wonder if he could keep this as his home, finally. If he could actually stay this time. Would he be able to? Would he allow himself to open up enough to let in another, to bring another part of family? He didn’t want to. He […]

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    Like a seductress’s easy call, like the wide and adorable eyes of a kitten. You can’t ignore it. It folds into the corners of your mind, turning into heat, the sudden want to have, take, gain and never give back. The call that tempts you and makes your throat go dry. To humans, the thing […]

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    Sometimes, being quiet isn’t enough. Sometimes, there are days when you had you get through with just the quiet steps of your toes, the held breath, the anxiety bubbling in the pit of your stomach. You need food. You need to hide yourself and get away before anyone else can see you. You have to […]

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    Please come back. It’s all that we need, all that I need. When you left, all I could see was your retreating back, broad and large, the sun hitting the rays of the sides of your shoulders. I couldn’t see anything. I was blinded for a minute. I want you to return; I want you […]

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    It’s the day where everyone deserves something, because even the most unworthy of people deserve something. To deserve something means that you worked for it. That you’ll risk your life for it. That you’re willing to go far and beyond for just one small, tiny thing. And that’s what makes all the difference. That’s what […]

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    In the middle, like a blossoming rose, just in his touch’s reach. His reach’s touch. The beautiful flowers were none like he had ever seen before. But it was there, placed perfectly in the middle, not a flower petal out of place; their velvety texture was apparent even from where he stood. The crystal of […]