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    the biggest enemy of a human being is herself. the unconscious mind has the ability to create love, affection, inner peace. instead most of the time it prefers to destroy the joy of living and thus leaving that person vulnerable and broke inside. as it has the power to destroy the inner peace, it also has the power to destroy the feeling of…[Read more]

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    the end was near as the galaxies exploded and a great wind started to blow. there were people running around like ants. while all these, all Jess wanted was to just sit in peace. be alone for the last time and listen to her thoughts as the world as they knew it comes to an end and everything vanishes. leaving nothing behind but lingering memories…[Read more]

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    he checked his compass with a worry. he was no where neer where he was supposed to be. he than grabbed his bag where he left on the wet ground and started to run towards the open field where he planned to catch a slow moving train to south. where everything will be okay again. where it is warm and nice. and where he may find who he is looking for.