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    Hector was the most ordinary person you’d ever meet.
    Every morning, for breakfast, he’d have his two pieces of toast with butter, his cup of coffee, 2 cream 2 sugars, and read Marmaduke in the local newspaper. Oh how he’d laugh. He wished he could be as free as that loveable Great Dane!
    But Hector was in for a rude awakening.

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    We were thieves in the night,
    Fleeing, racing through the dark back alleys,
    Those filled with mystery,
    Darker than death,
    Or brighter than day,
    But our excitement propelled us forward.

    Thoughts of you get me twisted.
    I can’t remember night from day, dark from light.
    I only know that you’re gone.

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    He was lost among a wreckage of broken airplanes and jetpacks.
    He never got off the ground.
    Trapped in a plane of existence where no one flew.
    Or was ever given the chance
    To fly.

    Who knows what the future brings.
    More dirt.
    Always more dirt.

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    life is messy and i don’t enjoy it. every day,
    another wine glass. french names too shy to
    leave my tongue until forced. meanwhile,
    i am 22 and washing behind the ears seems more
    and more a cultivated lifestyle.

    you, who still vacuum under the bed, consider the way
    the days swell and fatten under the spring sun.

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    in the dream i am walking through the field by our childhood
    home where corn used to grow some summers
    ago. wondering as i go, fingers just
    grazing the uncultivated grass–if wildflowers
    have found their way here, if the dirt knows it can make
    something of the dead, if the dead know the field does not
    know want even as it wants. in the d…[Read more]

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    leaving girlhood is not yet knowing to look back
    taught the bite of desire,
    someone’s blunt teeth, gnawing, and the pain is
    newness, you think this is love
    a ring of bruises around the neck, you think
    the wet heat of your childish name
    what stays, is molded

  • drop —

    eyes closed i picture my heart,
    searching for some glimpse of
    the elusive self.

    the mind draws diagrams of smiling bodies,
    all arteries and gristle, carefully indexed.
    something in me falls

    through eyelids flushed red in the light,
    they tremble as the heart trembles;
    the heart, a fist-sized fleshy thing;
    the heart, a…[Read more]

  • @stonefoxkneesocks i literally haven’t written since i left this site so i’m like dead inside lol

  • craftsmanship —

    self reinvention: i took a hammer to my ribs, precisely,
    pounded until my chest was an empty
    cavity, dry and wordless. at my feet,
    a horrible mess.

    i did this to myself;
    it was my hands gripping the hammer.

    on my best days, i recognize this as a lie.

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    Hoping to post here again. Anyone still hanging out here?

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    Compassion oozed out of his bones,
    All over the floor,
    Creating a slippery, yet cushioned surface,
    Which Rachel would fall into
    and Again
    and Again,
    Never leaving the house without it.
    Never knowing how to leave without it.

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    3…. 2…. 1….
    Jeremy and Isaac ran furiously from the centre of the football field, sprinting as fast as their wobbly little legs could take them, and fire shot up into the air and illuminated the night sky. They were sick of the high school taking over their forest. These little badgers started the war with a bang.

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    Gerry poured every fibre of his being,
    From the day he hit puberty,
    Until the day the life slowly slipped from his body,
    Into the art
    Of being a gentle man.
    He raised his voice only once,
    At a fly that had entered his home,
    And the force of his wrath shattered its wings,
    And sent it plummeting to its doom.
    He died.
    And Gerry…[Read more]

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    My breathing grew shallow,
    The walls closing in all around me,
    Slower than the eye could trace,
    Yet my beating heart knew the truth.
    Incrementally, one half at a time, I was being crushed.
    I only hoped that the walls never covered the distance of the other half.

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    There stood a man,
    In a Canadian tuxedo,
    Willing himself to walk into work,
    For the first day of a job,
    That would end at 5,
    In heartbreak,
    And endless boredom.

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    Round and round and round and round,
    I can’t stop thinking of the endless patterns,
    Prevailing, nay ruling, our society,
    Through fear of the unknown
    And fear of change.
    We are slowly adapting,
    It’s just not fast enough.

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    She knew, by the break in his half smile, but the slight fracture in his completely perfected mask, that nothing was alright. That all was not right. And by her knowledge, suddenly everything became, perhaps not all right, but half right, and it was enough.

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    He took all of her.
    Sucked her back,
    Drained her down,
    Drank her marrow,
    Consumed her flesh,
    Until she was nothing,
    And he was her everything.
    This twisted yin yang danced around the corners of her retinas whenever she left the house,
    Hypnotizing until the end of time,
    Which is a week from now.

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    The balloons floated through the air,
    Cascading through the background as if they were nothing but filler for a frame filled with fanfare and fun.
    The music rang out through the grounds.
    The doors finally opened.
    The stampede raced through the threshold,
    Noses to the ground,
    Smelling their way to cotton candy.