• The trees extended their branches
    floral and green
    I let them embrace me
    In the tightest of hugs, they felt my salty tears
    I am disgusted with my species
    I can’t look at my own reflection
    they listened to […]

  • SubtleWhispers commented on the post, rainy 7 years, 8 months ago

    Bong rips on a rainy night
    Music fills our souls and milky smoke fills the air
    I’m stuck in a cloud’s embrace
    But I’ll never come down
    I don’t know if I’m in love
    or if this euphoria is all a gentle dream

  • The birds sat still on silent fences
    They colored the world with their loud feathers
    And painted the air with their sweet songs
    The world turned round and round
    To the music of the birds
    In tune with the metronome morning sun

  • My mind collapsed like an accordion Foggy memories pulverized into dust Sparkles and glitters filled the air And they were gone just as fast as they came A soft color drew the Silence A Silence unlike any other For it was too precious, too sweet in it’s delectable detail And it all came back to […]

  • When you’re this young, yet this old
    You’re not quite sure if this year will be another at the messy kids’ table
    Or at the uninteresting lull of the adults’ table
    As I’m handed a glass of sparkling cider
    I guess I’ll also take one more year
    Of being called naive

  • There’s something about the plainer ones
    Something about their introverted character
    It makes me crave their lifeless existence
    And form it into mine
    It’s just the roar of the colorful ocean
    Meeting the soft, quiet sand
    As if it were the first time, every time.

  • Don’t brush your hair.
    I like things a little messy.
    People will judge us.
    They think we’re naive.
    But it’s what we find in our adventures
    that make or break the deal

  • The little ant smells the fragrance from afar It’s a floral smell, light and sweet This fragrance is emitted from a garden of roses Their magnetizing aura bring the ant closer But danger lurks ahead What he doesn’t know Is that the thorns are there To keep the weak ones away The ones who are […]

  • I’ve never loved you. I only loved the lustful glances at me Why am I in a hurry to make you love me? Why do I cry now that you don’t? The mirror lies to our faces Makes us hate our own flesh I turn to you because you loved The very bones that lay […]

  • You love someone
    This person isn’t me
    You’ve thrown me away like an old sock
    And suddenly it all makes sense
    It all comes rushing to my face
    Flooding my eyes with tears of betrayal
    You love someone
    This person isn’t me

  • Cheekbones dusted with perfection
    Youthful hands reach across the piano
    Each note a mystery
    A sound sits still in the air
    Amidst the crowd
    Of blemished souls

  • My heart used to rest comfortably on my sleeve
    Then something taught me to fear the world
    Fear the ones you love
    Pain is their weapon
    Heartbreak is their song
    My bleeding broken friend now lies
    Beneath my shoe
    Never seeing the light of day

  • We worshipped the sun
    And rejoiced to the moon
    Our tears were wiped from our faces
    As we walked along
    Together in June

  • He colors my palette
    With his soft, green eyes
    It fills with wonders of joy
    Colored with the yellows of warmth
    emitted from his gaze
    The minute he looks away
    My palette turns grey
    Dullness returns to my canvas
    Back to how it used to be

  • SubtleWhispers commented on the post, anywhere 8 years ago

    I threw myself onto the warmth
    My muscles relaxed and became liquid
    They run through my fingers like glowing sand
    And the sun never rests
    It constantly shines and smiles
    Anywhere is comfort
    Anywhere is here

  • SubtleWhispers commented on the post, laughter 8 years ago

    I’m addicted.
    The booming high
    lets me see the stars.
    The best I’ve ever felt
    in only a few short seconds.
    I feel loved.
    Truly loved.
    Tears stream down my face
    now all that’s there
    is laughters after-taste.

  • SubtleWhispers commented on the post, autumn 8 years, 1 month ago

    The smell of the air is crisp
    Layers start to come on
    Like the reverse peeling of an onion
    It’s time to start packing our souls
    And hide everything away
    For the long cold to come
    And put us to sleep

  • SubtleWhispers commented on the post, tires 8 years, 1 month ago

    I can see through the wisdom of your old eyes
    That I cannot change these tires
    It’s time to take the rusty thing
    For one last joy ride
    And rest forever
    In an eternal peace

  • Deeper than the core
    of the apple that eats itself
    A venomous bite
    from the mouth a hallucination
    Like inexistent whispers
    From the future of your kind

  • I was blinded with a red scarf
    One of greed and fear
    It dissolved into dust
    And my eyes burned in the light
    And suddenly I saw
    The obvious secret
    Of millions of years
    And thousands of joyous tears