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    I watched Bones eagerly, and I loved the decomposed bodies and the skeletons and skulls and everything. Emily Deschanel who portrays Dr. Temperance Brennan reminds me of one of my best friends. The friend that no matter what happens, I will always love her like a shining star.

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    They’re all fools. All of them. The ones that put you down, the ones that convince you that there’s nothing good about you. The people who slow you down from doing the things you love. They’re ignorant fools, and it’s not your fault. Your flaws are stunning, and everything about you defines beautiful.

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    The sound of it all was frankly alarming. She pushed her way through the crowd and ran off to find her. She couldn’t find her anywhere, even when she checked the places she has sought out before with her by her side. Her world was hazy and she sat down on the floor and curled her knees up to her chin. She prayed for something, something to give…[Read more]

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    It was a montage of everything that had occurred throughout the year. The memories, the tears, the laughter, the anxiety, the happiness, the joy, the freedom, the stress, the over thinking, the overwhelming thoughts. It was a montage of what they had been through the last three years of their lives. And it was brilliant.

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    He walked around a bit, and suddenly it hit him. It wasn’t instantaneous at first, but then he realized. He was homeless. He couldn’t cry. He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t walk. He sat, and waited. Waited for some miracle to happen, anything to escape this moment.

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    “With brotherhood from sea to shining sea”. I learned this song in first grade, and ever since then I was fascinated by the freedom and laws of our country. Everything that had to occur to make our country what it is today, was amazing.

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    The garden was an area of bushes, and it was set up behind a maze. The maze was one like those in real life, and it has many complicated traps. To get through the maze you had to be clever. It was intriguing and amazing. and only patient people got through it. At the end of the maze was a beautiful secluded area with a bench, and pretty vines and…[Read more]

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    I was the oblique line. The different person. The weird one who nobody wanted to have anything to do with. It wasn’t nice, in fact it was awful. Nobody wants to be left out and sad. I moved on though. I found light in the pitch black darkness, and you can too. You’re so superior to the pain.

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    She tried to not make it obvious as she put her hand in the bag, trying to delve for an object- anything that she would be able to use. Finding nothing, she slammed the bag down, her weight causing it to tip over as she ran away frustrated with the outcome.

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    In that moment it was as if the world had stopped. Her heart shattered. She stood there trembling, forcing herself to not let the emotions slip through. Soon her grasp was released and everything came flooding in. She fell to her knees, nauseated by the excruciating agony of her world.

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    The stratosphere was a mystery. Wondering what could be below so deep than what we already know, was simple fascinating. It was special and extraordinary and just wonderful.

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    All of the clout I suddenly had, disappeared. I had vanished into a state of a dull boring person. The thing that hurt the most was not being able to do anything about it. Being so ordinary that trying to become better was impossible.

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    I chewed the wafer, it tasted sweet. I wanted something else than to be eating alone. Being alone in a restaurant with nothing but my powerful thoughts. I wanted to be talking to you and laughing hysterically and having the time of our lives.

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    I set the charm in the catapult and hurled it as far as I could. I didn’t need that. I didn’t need the thing that brought me the horrible memories. It was cruel how powerless and weak I felt next to you. The raw feeling of not being good enough. You didn’t even notice, or if you did you didn’t seem to care.
    And I cared. I cared so much. I…[Read more]

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    She signed the slip, then looked up at me. “You’re in!” I jumped up from my chair excitedly. I would have a solo. I hugged her tight before grabbing the sheet and running outside into the fresh, sunny air. i skipped down the block and didn’t stop until I got home.

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    The airstream touched my fingertips, and I slowly put my face near the opening, enjoying every moment of the cool, fresh air. I smiled and ran my hands along the side of the wall. This place was charming.

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    I live in Staten Island, near Manhattan. Going to manhattan is simply exquisite. It’s beautiful walking around at night, seeing the pretty lights, and admiring the tall buildings. Going to manhattan is always amazing. It’s a city lover’s dream.

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    The taboo said she shouldn’t be here, but she was. And with that, she hopped over the fence and pulled up her shorts, fell into the grass and was soon fast asleep, with her notebook-and a smile on her face.

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    She had hair a shade of auburn, it was almost a light brown. It was beautiful. Her eyes were deep and dark, and full of interest.. The type of eyes that had depth. The type of eyes that had so many layers of secrets in them, it took years to uncover all of them. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and her eyes sparkled.

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    She positioned the book in a celestial position, and glared at me. “Yes?” she asked. “I’m sorry I just wanted to know what book you’re reading.” I tried to be friendly. She politely asked me to go away, and I hung my head down low, and walked off, muttering about how I can’t do anything right.

    But not before I caught a glimpse of what she was reading.