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    Her eyes were filled with tears, she was nervous I could tell. Her lip quivered rhythm ethically and her body shivering as the doctor strutted into the room. The doc told me I must leave now and will see my baby girl after the operation. I was leaving my loving companion in the room with a stranger. Goodbye Spot, mommy will be back soon.

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    There they were. It seemed so unusual yet so bland. The eleven candles on the wooden table in the centre of the room were so mesmerizing. The light was blaring and making my eyes water. Was it just me or did the eleven candles seem a bit odd? Out of the corner of my eye I saw there was one less candle in the room.

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    I woke up from a cold sweat, it was pitch black outside. I rolled over to check what time it was and my alarm clock read 3:13 am. The streetlamps were glaring through my window and for some reason it made my whole left side start twitching. I was calling for help but no one could hear me, a peircing sound was drowning my voice out. I couldn’t take…[Read more]