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    Bella’s birth had affected more people than neither Kurt nor Brittany could have ever imagined. Burt, of course, was affected. I mean, no, Kurt was gay. He was one hundred percent gay…Wasn’t that supposed to be the one easy thing for Burt to handle- the fact that he would never need to worry about his […]

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    I kissed his cheek suddenly, not realizing it as I did so. He was startled, and retreated backwards. “Jimmy…” I started to say.
    Jimmy remained silent.

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    I was sitting in my loft, which I shared with Whatsername and St. Jimmy. I was all by myself. As I started to reflect on my life, and the last three months I’ve lived, I was starting to feel a bit depressed. How could I let this happen. I’ve never been into…other guys before. But […]