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    The question looms in my head: did i do something wrong? I read through our thread of texts, which were at first so lively and so eloquent and suddenly became cold. Curt. Emotioneless. I wonder if I said something to scare hime away, or if simply lost interest. It pisses me off, not the fact that he isn’t fawning over me but that I don’t even…[Read more]

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    It slides out from my hands and lands on the blue floor of the tub. I squint and try to pick up the little green bar again but it continues to evade me. I shrug. Whatever. It can just lay there. I’ll pick it up later. If ever. Whatever. Not my house. Not my problem. Not even my own bar of soap. I lather up and let the hot water run down my…[Read more]

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    “This was written on a napkin with a crayon,” she says, waving it in my face. “It has no credibility whatsoever!”
    “It’s i nwriting,” I remind her. “that’s technically a contract.”
    “This is bull. I don’t even remember doing this. I was drunk.”
    :We might be able to plead something,” I tease.
    “You don’t need any vodka for that.”
    She…[Read more]

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    The pins knock over. Not all of them. Two remain, in the most inconvenient spot possible. He knows no possible roll will knock them both over. not at his level of skill, anyway. He turns to look at her and shrugs. She smiles and shakes her head. she gets it too. So he can’t impress her at knocking down some pins with a ball, but somehow, for some…[Read more]

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    She holds the gun up against my head. “You see this right here?” she says, voice shaking. “This is the only leverage you’re going to get.” The cold of the metal presses against my temple and I realize that I’m shaking too. “You’re going to back away,” she commands. “You’re going to do what I say or he goes down before you can even make a sound. Is…[Read more]

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    They were pink and blue, each earbud a different color. She nearly always had them, except in th shower, though if she could have she certainly would. Unfortunately, it meant few people approached her anymore, […]

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    He wanted to get ice cream. That was all. Just some plain, natural old vanilla ice cream. His last paycheck had come in clocking in at the thousands, and yet the suddenly famous business magnate wanted nothing […]

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    Her hands, slightly shaky from the latte she’d sipped as the cake baked, spread the light blue icing over the top of the chocolate cake. It was his favorite color, and while she knew he would have been happy with […]

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    “Goddamn this dial-up internet… you don’t have anything faster around here?”
    “No sir. All we got.”
    “Just… fuck it, alright.” I stare at the little white modem and sigh. I’m never going to get anything done […]

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    I scatter the daisy seeds into the ground.
    “Is there a point?” John asks, holding the shovel for me.
    “Why not have a little bit of life around here?” I ask, moving the dirt over the seeds. “Something to […]

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    I didn’t have time to dwell upon my last good memories before the outbreak. All I could think about was running from floor to floor, changing out towels and rushing with water to quench the thirst of the ill, […]

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    “See his wrists? All those fractures? Shouldn’t be happening that easily in a boy his age.”
    “So what’s making it happen?”
    “The virus is weakening everything. Immune system, bone density, even water […]

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    It was the pits, being this disconcerted and uninspired. He stared out the window, watching every raindrop fall down the pane, watching one drop race the other. Nothing gave him any spark of ideas. No flower to […]

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    The curtains were patterned with beige little flowers. It was all she remember about her mother, and the only thing that Eddie Viccellio had failed to throw out when he’d purged the house of his wife’s memory. The […]

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    She suddenly had an epiphany: it was HIM. He was the one she was supposed to be with all this time. He knew her best out of anyone, knew that she loved lilies and hated carnations. Why had she ignored him this entire time? How could she have overlooked her own best friend all this […]

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    If he was passionate about anything, it was his schoolwork. More than he could perhaps ever love a woman, he loved the sound of pencil scratching upon paper, the rhythm of keyboard keys tapping away. Learning, knowledge, those were his loves, and he sacrificed sleep and social time to be with his books and his […]

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    He knew that he could one day face his own death. But he was ready to face it. No more would he lose another loved one in his family. Natalia had been enough. He was ready to lay down everything for his beautiful daughter, for little Evangeline Lourdes. No matter what it took, no matter […]

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    The blood was pouring from his left temple as he walked through the destroyed streets, his feet crunching over the broken glass and the sound of police sirens still ringing in his head. He ha d never meant to be a part of the riots but they had come to his doorstep, and as it […]