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    He has his feet up and his shades down. He sits enjoying the cool spring breeze as the sun warms his face. As a batter goes up to the plate, he puts his feet down knowing that it’ll be a good swing. Jumping up, he forgets about the beer at his feet as he goes to catch the ball. This catch, a proof of memory, is worth more than an overpriced cup.

  • A white blank page.

    Close your eyes and see the darkness. Wait for the light to come. Wait for the colours to start swirling and figures to emerge. Watch how the figures become animated within seconds, and emotions embody the motions.

    A white blank page, just waiting for words.

  • The wind pushed it from side to side. It hung precariously from the porch roof, teasing Mother Nature to bring it back down to the ground. The flowers relied on each other for support until the quaking was over. Once the planter could no longer play the games, the flowers came crashing down, becoming bruised and broken.

  • I sat there drumming. I couldn’t stop myself,. as soon as the music started my fingers started to wiggle and my toes started to tap. He’s seeing the real me, I don’t care if it’s our first date or not. I’m not the kind to just keep to myself timidly.

  • One minute. Sit there and don’t move. Your eyes must stay watching the clock.

    One more minute! You looked away. You know you weren’t supposed to spread glue over Suzie’s project and you did it anyways. We play nice with the other kids and keep our hands to ourself.

    Your two minutes are done. Go out to recess, I don’t want to see you causing…[Read more]

  • They’re all the same. No stars. No sleep. Always running and running and never stopping. People creeping around corners, strolling down streets. Crashing, clanging, crying. Screaming, shouting, shuddering.

  • He looks down at his feet, at the one withered flower. Picking it up, he exchanges it for the one that he brought with him.

    “I’m sorry no one else comes, it’s just that, no one else knows.”

    He continues on with the highlights of his week, and just like the weeks past he ends it the same way.

    “They won’t catch me. I’ll be back next week.…[Read more]

  • And so it returned. All of the day’s hard work and persistence got thrown out the window as I sit here and write. I don’t know where it comes from… this constant unhappiness. This longing for something more in life. I should be content with what I have but yet I yearn for what I know will never happen. I can have a beautiful day full of…[Read more]

  • I’ve weathered every kind of storm there is. Torrential downpour, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, even those rare ones with a beautiful blue sky without a touch of breeze. But the one I haven’t been able to make it though is the one that you’ve created in my heart. All I can do is hunker down and pray to come out alive.

  • I stared at the phone, and willed it to light up. All my thoughts (my heart, my being, my soul even!) went into willing a cold piece of metal to come to life. But I knew deep down that this was just the same old story, different “prince charming”. He wasn’t going to call me. Plans fell through yet again and I’m spending this Friday night alone…[Read more]

  • Late that night she walked in, heels clanking together. She payed no attention to the glares coming her way from the sides, and the light of the candles only gave enough light to hint at the discolouring of her arms and legs. Nothing about this girl was sanctity, but the pat-pat of her bare feet reminded those frozen faces of a child-like…[Read more]

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    Okay… I know that one wasn’t good. But I’ll do better next time, I promise! There are just days where my thoughts don’t line up and my actions aren’t connected with my brain’s orders and everything just flat-lines. Just there, dead as a doornail.

    But then again…

    Was a doornail ever alive?

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    Flat as a slice of paper, curved up on the sidewalk. Nonsense. Pigs flying though the sky? Pretty ladies on the beach? Squirrels, jumping out of trashcans. This world is flat and full of rounded ideas. Maybe we should think more.

  • Salesman. He’s at my door. Part of me wonders what he’s selling, but I sit here behind my couch like a statue. My dogs are barking, but I can’t yell to quiet them down. If I do then he’ll know I’m here. He can’t know I’m here… I hope he leaves soon.

  • Don’t think. Just write. That’s what I was told to do. So I let my fingers roll over the keys, frequent visitor to the <– Backspace button because of mistypes. But I'm still typing nonetheless. Type. Type. Think. Type.

  • All systems are ago. We’ve got the lighting and the music to create the mood, the wine is chilled, and all the staff in the back has a wonderful menu planned. We’re creating the perfect recipe for the perfect night.

    But without him, the system fails.

  • She walked in the room, and no one really noticed. She was a plain girl. Dirty blonde hair all a mess, hoodie and jeans like all these other kids just trying to get through another day. But it was her eyes that caught mine. Deep blue, a sea full of secrets.

  • Well isn’t this just swell. A nice little spot, and some time to sit and think. Ahh… the smell of rain is in the air and everything has a hint of gray. Some people would want their perfect day to be 80 degrees and sunny but I disagree. 60 and rainy is perfect for me.

  • “After you.”

    “No, after you.”

    “Oh please, do go first.”

    “Age before beauty.”

    “But really, you go ahead.”

    At this rate, they’ll never get through the door.

  • Responsibility is the one thing that is keeping me together. I’m involved in so many things right now… so many people are counting on me. I fear letting anyone down, so I must keep on top of everything and I have to get everything done. Between class, work, and extra-curriculars, I have to make it through. It’s not even Friday yet of the spring…[Read more]