• it wasn’t for his sake that i threw the rosary into the pit with the rest of him. he didn’t believe in god no more. hadn’t in six years after soaking up all the sin he could, the fucking sot.

    no, i threw my rosary in because i figured my prayin’ hadn’t done a thing to stop it.

  • we leave them open after the funeral.

    she would have wanted her room well-lit. she would’ve wanted sunshine to drive out the shadows clinging to our eyes every time we stop in front of her room, her toys still scattered in an arc around where her body had lain the moment her heart stopped. between the hospital, the arrangements, and the funeral…[Read more]

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    he watches her back smooth out as she walks away, shoulders relaxed, unclenched fists at her side after she handed his ass to him.

    it’s yet another point in her favor, and at the end of the day he supposes this’ll never change. this fight between them will go on until one of them just gives in and says what they really want out of each other.…[Read more]

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    cas, don’t wake me tomorrow.

    //rector five has inquiries scheduled. would you like to cancel?

    just don’t wake me.

    //rector five has inquiries scheduled. would you like to cancel?

    aren’t you programmed to listen to me?

    //rector five has inquiries scheduled. would you like to cancel?

  • he serves them a sticky glop of everything essential, broken down. half a chunk of eyeball lolls beside a portion of small intestine on their plates.

    “fresh corpse,” the waiter announces with all the glamour a michelin 3-star restaurant.

    as he walks away, the lady snaps her fingers and barks him back, “what is this place?
    wolfgang puck’s?”…[Read more]

  • there’s a spot of salt and burger grease shining at the corner of her lip that i can’t help but focus on as she laughs, her glass raised in the air and spilling beer all over the varnished counter.

    more nights like this, i think as i tell her another fry joke.

  • the man from earth says we used to reach for the sky but now that it’s just outside the window, nobody bothers to lift an arm. ask clover to seal your suit, open a port, and connect you with a lifeline and you can safely float outside and catch as many stars as you like.

    with spirit on his breath and illegal cig-e vapors wafting through his…[Read more]

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    two glass bottles toppled over on the counter, spilling onto the carpet flooring. it wouldn’t have been weird to any other eye. the lad moaning in the other room should have been enough for me to back out of the apartment to let that party happen but i couldn’t because of the little i knew about jen, i knew she didn’t touch soda.

    two glass…[Read more]