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    Valentine’s Day was a bit of a wasted holiday on Yukito, honestly. Though, it wasn’t as if he was going to be one to refuse the constant deliveries of chocolates, most wrapped in foils displaying their cheap brand name quality, some going as far out of their way to import Belgian chocolate to impress the student council president. He accepted all…[Read more]

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    The sound of the door slamming coincided exactly with the thunderclap outside that pierced through the night. He huddled inside his closet, praying that SHE wouldn’t find him, that she would leave him alone, and eventually the storm would end.

    There was never such luck.

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    Perhaps it would have been a kinder sort of mercy if Syaoran had accepted a death penalty from the Council. Of course, none of the sentences would’ve been quick and painless; they would have to put on a show to deter anyone else from rising up against them. Public beheading, burning, perhaps impalement — either way, it was likely that some part…[Read more]

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    Aisling always believed she was cursed. There was something about the poisonous words that could come out of her mouth that could come true — whether it was a matter of seconds, days, months, years, even… it didn’t matter. She was cursed. Even if she didn’t mean it, even if it was just a joke, even the worst things could come true.
    That’s why…[Read more]

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    It was strange, how little parts of their lives became so minutely integrated with each other’s lives in only a few short weeks. Whether it was Aisling’s faint smell of fresh flowers and newly baked cookies that now always seemed to hang in Syaoran’s room, or the dozens of Polaroids of Syaoran that were messily pinned to the wall of Aisling’s…[Read more]

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    “I actually don’t really like tea that much,” Aisling said with a tiny regretful smile on her face as Syaoran set a cup in front of her.
    “O-oh, really? Well, I could make you something else, if you’d like, I didn’t know… -” he replies, somewhat hastily, and there’s an expression of worry on his face. Aisling knows what it is, and it makes her…[Read more]

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    He wallowed in the feeling of the drug — the long, numbing sensations that let his troubles almost slip away. The pain at his chest disappeared and the grief faded away, and was replaced by the feeling that was brought by the drug. It was secret, something special and only to him, even though he always felt worse when the effects faded. He was…[Read more]

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    Calling Levi as his boyfriend was weird. It wasn’t exactly like that, really, Jesse always thought, but Levi wasn’t exactly just a friend either. Friends didn’t go around sleeping in the same bed and kissing each other in the morning when they wake up, and friends didn’t cuddle like there was no tomorrow and friends didn’t get frisky when the sun…[Read more]

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    He wasn’t eligible because his emotions weren’t compatible. That’s what the test results suggested anyway, but Lance didn’t believe any of it for a single moment. They must have known who he was, and he was sure of that fact. Were they on to him already? He had to be eligible. He had to make it past this stage — after all, wasn’t that what he had…[Read more]