• Ivan commented on the post, stalling 4 years, 9 months ago

    She walked up to the doors, slowly turning around, waiting if he will make any more sounds. She stalled for a bit, but then grinned, everything is calm and nice. He is on the floor, face down, and slowly a pool of red blood spreads around him. It has been done, she stalled it for so long, but now she stalled one last time before she closed the door forever

  • Ivan commented on the post, adapted 4 years, 9 months ago

    Adapted, they said you should become, very much as everyone else. Adapt and obey, become a part of flow and neygh when i say. Don’t stand out, don’t feel special at all. Adapt and obey and then all will be OK. Same words I am hearing every day, and it makes me sick, to adapt is to fail.

  • Ivan commented on the post, declined 4 years, 11 months ago

    I decline it all, i had it enough and I cant go on. I need to stop, to start anew, my bloody hell this will cost me my head. I need to decline, even so everyone says all its fine. Bloody stop with this hell, before I go insane.

  • Ivan commented on the post, adolescent 4 years, 11 months ago

    Oh boy they always told me I should reach that, to be more serious, to be more observant. But when I see those adolescent ones i cant keep myself to think that they are complete fools in their maturity. Trying to replace with booze, cigars or drugs something they have lost long time ago, something they only but remember that was here, like a…[Read more]

  • Ivan commented on the post, motivated 4 years, 12 months ago

    How to get motivated? A self help to make you productive and passive. A motivation to make you better worker, a motivation to make you better slave. All those motivation speeches give me a bore, learned and not thought out, they make you think why am I here? Why do I listen to this?

  • Ivan commented on the post, repressed 5 years ago

    Noooo i DOnt want to be repressed. GOds i am geting a job soon and it feels like it will take all my creative juices out of me. Noooo i dont want repression, gods no, nooooo. Please no Sweet GOat mother of Chaos help me now. No no no no no. I dont want to go numb and normal.

  • Ivan commented on the post, selective 5 years ago

    Selective speices, take into themselves, only what they want and need. Selective selfishness, nation of supermarkets and sales. Selective detective impriosned and not effective. Dont be selective, be aselective, non selective. Take all and take it now.

  • Ivan commented on the post, active 5 years ago

    Active, be active. Join a club, get a hobby. Be active, be proactive. Just do something, just make a start. Be active, constantly they are saying. They are too much active, it feels like radio active. So i have to take a step back, so i wont melt down. Basically I don’t like to be active I’ll rather be slacking.

  • Ivan commented on the post, swimmer 5 years ago

    I am a swimmer in the life waters. I swim in cold, I swim in hot. I swim till i shimmer i swim till im still. I’m a swimmer in my own soul and the world is my pool. Polluted pool of polluted souls. Time to clean the pool.

  • Ivan commented on the post, dealer 5 years ago

    I’m not the drug dealer, im the goat dealer. I shall give you a goat for you to gloat. And now it is time to seal the deal and sell the goat, to the one that has the most nerve to seal the deal. Deal me a goat, spill me a moat.

  • Ivan commented on the post, modest 5 years ago

    I am mostly modest
    And most likely honest.
    So what it is then
    That i feel like hell
    When i tell a lie
    and i have no need or why.
    Sometimes I am not modest
    But none knowest.
    So all in all.
    Lets be modest and say
    This poem is okay

  • Ivan commented on the post, grandfather 5 years ago

    Of the long lost order walked down the dusty corridors. Searching for an old relic of time. Moldy stacks of books filled the passages. Watcher of old in the half-dark. The last of his order walked down slowly until he came to an old and dusty office. Finding an ancient tome called The World Burner. And then he spoke the old words for one last time.

  • Ivan commented on the post, witnessed 5 years ago

    I witnessed a great fire being born in the furnace of desire. The egg was burned to give new life and preserve a young one. A witnessed a sounds of destruction cause only through that the egg could be stolen. I witnessed the ripping of unborn stale cardboard, because it must be sacrificed to give more life to others. I witnessed, but i didn’t see.…[Read more]

  • Ivan commented on the post, nonsense 5 years ago

    Hyppogriff, craps, one left, so much airplanes in the sky, my dear god in heave, ahhhhh, again, again, no, a curse you, yes, aaaa, no, oh my god, 12. Come on again, again. OOooo. The master gamer. Noooooo. Ahhhh. Craps. Last one i missed. Yee. A. What. Enough.

  • Ivan commented on the post, cold 5 years ago

    The cold wind was blowing over the mountains, the crashed spaceship in it looked even more ominous. No one knew how it fell down or why is it here. Anyhow people who lived there didnt even knew it was a spaceship, only some sort of strange God whom brought the cold with him. And thus began the worship of a Sealed Cold God.

  • Ivan commented on the post, occupancy 5 years ago

    I don’t know, the first thing that comes to my mind are bathrooms. Strange but true indeed. Maybe i love bathrooms. Maybe, but i like them non occupied. It sounds to formal that word. I dont like occupancy.

  • Ivan commented on the post, seated 5 years ago

    Im seated in front of here, looking at the world through my plasma screen. The real life scares me much and the NPC’s, honestly suck. So i am seated in front of my screen, it makes me happy it makes me serene.

  • Ivan commented on the post, revved 5 years ago

    Revved, that how my mind feels now, ready to fly into the sky, no matter if it lives or dies. The things inside are choking it like if it is under the ice. Revved is my mind. Someone stop it or it will burn me alive.

  • Ivan commented on the post, emperor 5 years ago

    The skies shall burn and the swords shall clash
    when the final battle comes at last.
    I waited so long to cast my steel
    at my enemy most dear.
    There will be shouts of salvation and death
    but one thing is certain as hell.
    I shall rise as an emperor, and conquer this land.
    Take what is mine by birthright.

  • Ivan commented on the post, belated 5 years ago

    I want this to be belated, since i don’t feel so elated. But bealtion wont come to me, only misery and agony. Oh how i wish it would end soon, but my mind tells me i will have to endure. Let it be, let it come, after all that I’m gonna take a nap