• children laughing, parents smiling, ananomus teenagers throwing candy, floats of all shapes and sizes, and the red, white, and blue, day as the sun goes down and the stars come out. The annual fireworks of every shape and color, as every family sits outside and is visually amused by the explosions of art.

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    Just under the surface as she flails her arms and legs. She sees the sun peeking its rays through the water. She slightly smiles and goes crashing through the surface of greenish blue water.

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    They help around, stock the shelves will carry out your groceries. They offer their help and wander round while organizing and perfecting everything around.

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    They help around, stock the shelves will carry out your groceries. he offer their help and wander all around while organizing and perfecting everything.

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    Everybody needs to express themselves every once in a while. Stand out. Wear something thats not cute but comfy. Take a stand for something you believe in. Be yourself.

  • someone of great intelligence have tought everyone in the world from doctors to surgens to artists to even the president they make everyone else and get so little credit. i respect all teachers for putting in so much and getting so little.

  • Guards are very important people. They do the job that no one else will. They risk their life to protect their master whom ever that may be. I fully respect guards and all of their courage. everybody has a guardian and their there whether you can see them or not, and even if you don’t believe in them they still watch over you.

  • Iv’e shown many thing to this wonderful class of mine and even to this world i have always had something my show wether its something i drew, made, or found i never run out of options in this colorful creative world.

  • The entrance to you dreams is sometimes hard to find but never worry the best dreams in life are not known until the moment comes so don’t plan it let it play out the way it’s suppose to it is your destiny.

  • bury means to dig a big hole throw something in (like a body) THEN COVER IT UP LIKE IN THIS ONE MOVIE THIS GUY DUG A BIG HOLE AND THREW A BUNCH OF GIRLS IN THEN LET THEM DIE but one of the girls he threw in lived […]

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    dim uhhh like you can dim a lighgt ya know like make it darker but just by a little bit. LOLZ it sounds like dumb!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    Everyday Im shuffle-ing dun dun dun dun dun dun dundundundundun YA who who it a song and a dance move i think thats pretty amazing!!!!! :D

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    Prints are like footprints in the beautiful snow as in squishes underneath your feet like an egg under pressure just like a comparison they both go squish!!!! :D

  • autum is a time when the leaves change color and the dead days begin and annimals finish collectin food for the long winter down the road. when autum comes photographersd celebrat because of the leaves are turning red yellow and orange its like a celebration ya!!!!! :D

  • combination. what a wonderful woder it is a combo a combination from Wendy’s a shake fry’s and some type of burger that goes in a combo. now i don’t eat fast food much but i herd its really bad> lol :D

  • a riot is an angry mob full of pitch forks and torches ant all together every body in the town back in the day taking out all of their anger on one pore innocent sole.

  • Automatic i something that you don’t try to do or mean to in other wise it happens on accident so therefore it was automatic like an automatic car that drives down the open road on a vacation.

  • It could mean that you are related to some but it probably means that when you compare something ant that are alike then they relate like T.N.T Dynamite and a poor innocent chicken.

  • mutual is a baby a lion a tiger R.A.W.R mutual is an amazing word through time and space. when a small baby throws up it is mutual when a big person like us throws up its extreme