• We stamper up hills, climbing.
    The road takes me higher
    The road takes us higher.
    We are calling the nature to come forth with us, as we move,
    as we express our being.

    Terrified, we struggle.
    We give birth in the womb of sorrow
    We are emotional, but now is the time for regrowth.

  • Satire, satire, static
    In simplicity we write no more
    In simplistic nature , we cry no more
    Static cries oh do we live in a world of fear
    Or do we swim with our lives
    Do we easy or do we die?
    Static death
    Static life
    The two are not different
    One must have another
    And we must live

  • Broaden your mind fool.
    Take the time to broaden your mind and see the other sides of things that you may not have looked into before.
    I don’t care about spelling. I scare myself when I spell too much, or too little, just the right amount is all I need to be myself. And that’s all I need to broaden myself. To be myself is to broaden, to…[Read more]

  • Retreat along the watch tower where there are buttons and scratches and people in locked houses and the bodies and the trains roll up and tied them to their waist coats and nobody wants to go on and retreat, because that’s what we run for. We are not trying to be the best but we don’t know what the worst is and that’s scary. I like to stink in…[Read more]

  • Fisherman tied up to the boat
    They over throw the waters
    They take the waters a shore
    Picking up where they left off
    The fisherman are super tossed away by the waves of the ocean
    They tried to scramble they tried to have devotion
    but they’ve come to far on this wave of a shore and the man in the sea has two bottles of whisky that he’s been…[Read more]

  • Modestly, the mouse took a while to say goodbye to the little train that he had in his eye and he cried, just a little bit, but by the looks of it he couldn’t see what he was missing, which was right under his nose. A piece of cheese, a music note in place. That’s true, said the blind mice and the men who were modestly unnoticed and disguised as…[Read more]

  • Grandfather clock, tick tock
    On the wall it wobbles and tobbles
    It’s my heart beat, like a little kid crying
    Telling me to go outside because the day keeps on calling
    and wandering by my window
    Tick tock patter pock
    The grandfather clock mocks my every move
    As I lay inside
    But in doors it seems to hide
    Every emotion that I…[Read more]

  • Emperor, is what they called me
    And I left it at that
    I never took the label to heart, because I felt there was more than that.
    In fact I knew it in my bones.
    The moving sidewalks beneath my feet couldn’t be washed any clearer
    The eyes watching my every move never were more dusted.
    And there I walked as one of them.
    But who I was,
    Was the emperor.

  • Compensate for my will to appreciate, if I’ve lost it
    Compensate for the direction I appeal to reason and when my heart fails to recognize itself,
    tell it so
    Compensate for my lack of ability to determine how much ability I have
    Compensate for freedom of speech when silence is all that is needed
    Compensate for the losing benefits of desiring…[Read more]

  • Define my definition
    To define
    Just in case you ran out of wine
    Define the way I act when I’m drunk
    And in case you’re wondering I’m tired too
    Guess I’m not getting out of bed tomorrow
    I’ll find a way
    To find
    To define

  • Derby
    Just in time
    Take me away to that special place
    No never mind
    Feel free to carry along you old dirty bag
    Feel free to come say goodbye
    I’ve been missing you
    For a while

    Now listen here
    You’ve got to be mine
    All mine
    Love you

  • A starlit night, it was
    So beautiful
    So peaceful
    Everywhere the stars shine down, on us
    And tonight was a very special night,
    As are all nights
    That are starlit nights

    The yellow flames draw the sky gold
    While the others withdraw their light
    They take turns, my friends

  • Unkempt, she was torn away from this world
    Like the Mississippi river. God I would’ve sworn a year ago that I’d never seen anything more beautiful, but here it was. A disheveled piece of a scarf that she left behind. The only delicate symbol of her divine union with what we label life. Now she’s gone.

  • Dissect my liver
    And tell me if I’m wrong on what I do
    I devour alcohol like it’s a demon
    A savory taste , it swells in my mouth
    The day I die I will say
    Dissect my liver
    And tell me how I was
    Tell me where to go when I die
    And if there will be the rum to drink
    because inside I will feel empty
    Being dissected,
    By my own alcoholism

  • Televised, it was
    I stood there is the way I could describe myself when I cam on the television
    Man, what a day
    The sun was shining and my hair looked like a mess
    Everyone would see this and go, hey, look, your hair looked like a mess that day
    Please everyone, just shut up.
    Go away
    Man, what a day
    That day I was on a television.
    On the…[Read more]

  • Hello, it’s plausible that you don’t know me
    And I don’t myself know you
    But the two of us are like sticks that can’t be separated
    Gravity holds us together

    It’s plausible that you don’t know of what I speak
    Because you are one stick
    And I am the other
    And the two of us bend like the trees and leaves
    And don’t recognize it when we do…[Read more]

  • Beaming, the sun does
    On the Earth in its orbit
    The little people stand on the sandy beaches
    Watching the Earth rotate
    The beaming lights up their lenses
    For they keep them on their heads
    Otherwise the sun would be too bright
    Life is suffering

  • Strive for a better life, but don’t forget what you had when you were living alone in the wilds
    Underneath the covers, blind by the lightning you found yourself hiding deep in the dark
    Under the caves and the caverns of old you found yourself hiding under the dark
    and you knew no one was calling your name
    calling your name
    Strive to find out…[Read more]

  • Fire my arms in all directions like a crazy cat with no inspection I listen not to your demands and the principle behind my eyes likes to realize that you are not a feline like the mystics described but in fact you’re much more than that. You’re like a tomato. You’re like a gun that can shoot in so many directions and in fact remain in the same…[Read more]

  • Harm no one
    Not even yourself
    that’s right,
    you may think I’m wrong
    But you’re wrong
    Harm one and you harm all
    Harm no one and you harm yourself
    Please listen
    Don’t let them bring you down
    Don’t let them make you into a killer
    Stop it
    Be kind
    Move forward in movement with grace
    Bring mercy to your grave
    Harm no…[Read more]