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    “Go on!” said Jennifer coldly. “Please don’t make me,” Kristine pleaded. “He’s going to catch me!” “Well, then you better make up a good story to feed him!” Jennifer spat back, shoving Kristine into the open. Kristine lurched forward but caught herself, clumsily. Surprisingly, no one was looking at her. She peered around, trying to […]

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    The sun was bright and almost felt like it was burning his skin after so many months of rain. The flowers were daring to bud, and he wanted to crush them all. He wanted to strangle the singing birds and leave them on her doorstep. He wanted to smash the flowers and put them in […]

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    Dirk shouted at the cast members. “This is awful! You are ruining everything!” He pointed at the backdrop and the props on the stage. “Carlos has built something beautiful here and you are pissing on it with your horrible acting! You need to BE the characters, become ONE with the scenery here! You are all […]

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    Kendall shoved her ahead of him. “Here, take her!” he spat callously. Elizabeth turned around to look at him, a pit in her stomach and a stabbing pain in her chest. With lascivious eyes, the man with the slicked back hair took her and held her to him. He picked up the suitcase filled with […]

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    His eyes were cool, calculating. “I know what you’re thinking.” She stared at him, her heart throbbing in her chest, like a stampeding horse. She longed to tell him how much she loved him, how long she’d been waiting for this moment alone with him. “Just stop it,” he stated, with as much feeling as […]

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    As the scientist stared at the orange mass with the broom, the door to the lab flew open and masked woman dressed all in black with a pony tail ran into the room. She made strange squeaking noises in the back of her throat at the orange being and it dropped the broom. She ran […]

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    Slowly the eyes moved away from its own body and the orange mass began moving slowly around the room. It seemed to pause as the eyes rested upon a broom in the corner. To the scientist’s surprise, a tentacle of sorts began extending from the body and rested upon the broom’s handle, and soon it […]

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    First one popped up on the orange blob, then slowly more began to appear. It looked like a bunch of moles were slowly moving across the surface. Soon, the orange being was spotted all over, like some sort of strange amorphous cheetah. The scientist stared back in amazement, and the three eyes slowly turned back […]

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    Three large bulbous objects began to grow out of the orange glowing mass, which soon became what looked like eyes. It stared at the scientist curiously. The scientist continued to scream as he backed away from it, his creation. “Stay away!” he shouted helplessly. He knew there was no way it could understand him. And […]

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    He stared at the walls all around him. They were dark and cold. The blocks were large and seemingly immovable. He reached out to touch one and wondered how it got there. But, deep inside he knew. He put them there himself. He put all of them there. He had to make sure no light […]

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    He sniffed around and found them. He let out a series of loud barks and the uniformed men came over. As they began digging in with the shovels, a putrid smell began to permeate the foggy air around them, and one of them gagged. Most of the bones were exposed, but some rotting flesh still […]

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    Jon patted the NES lovingly. “It’s all right… we’ve shared so many good times together.” He thought he’d play it one last time, just for old time’s sake. After he plugged in all the cables and pushed the giant box of a power cable into the wall socket, he pressed the power button. The screen […]

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    She stared at the ship, the broken planks, the ripped sails. She imagined it full of disgruntled pirates. They were closing in on her because they hadn’t been paid. She could almost smell the brine of the sea and the rankness of their unwashed bodies. They hadn’t come across any other ships in weeks, and […]

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    He stared down through the microscope at the slide. A grin crossed his face and as much as he could, he could not stifle the maniacal laughter that was brewing within him. It was growing, and faster than he could ever imagine. It was all his doing and he felt like a god. Thoughts of […]

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    “So, what do you say?” he said, gazing at her with a huge smile. The smile faded; he looked crestfallen. “Wait, what? What’s wrong?” she asked quickly. “Forget it… you wavered. I… nevermind… I shouldn’t have done this… it was…” he faltered, his voice turning into incoherent syllables, as he shoved the small box back […]

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    She fished around in her purse for the eyeliner. Electric blue. Her favorite color. She unscrewed the wand and began applying it as she gazed into her rear-view mirror. Elaine always prided herself on being able to multi-task. Straight and even, she thought with a smile. Her pride was interrupted by the screeching of brakes […]

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    “Are you sure this is camping? It feels a lot like moving…” she sighed. Stacey and her boyfriend, Afram, looked around. They were only going to stay one night but for some reason that warranted bringing five dozen eggs, pounds of meat, large boxes of drinks, several coolers, and Stacey couldn’t even begin to imagine […]

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    They looked at him with disdain. He tried out some dance moves to get the crowd going, but they were too young and pretentious to appreciate his efforts. They looked at his popped collar and bell bottom jeans, and sniggered in their corners as they were too cool to show enjoyment. “God, somebody get that […]

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    Kendall wrapped the bandana around the dog’s neck and a tear rolled down his cheek. “For you to remember me by, Tracker,” he said and tried to smile. The dog whined and licked his hands. “I only wish you could understand,” he sighed and rubbed Tracker’s ears gently. “You’re the best dog. I know Beth […]

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    It sparkled with morning dew as she looked down at it. One might imagine the endless superstitious possibilities of the four leaves, but she had no such ideas mulling around in her brain. It was green and looked lovely to her as she chomped down on it, among many others with less exciting numbers of […]