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    A heartfelt hello. thats what I feel when you pass my way, a genuine smile plastered on your face. The way your lips curve up, and your eyes shine like the sun lighting up the world for everyone to see. I wish I could hold you, but sadly i am only a raindrop in your windshield, washed away with one simply stroke.

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    The wreath sat on the top of the old brick fireplace, alongside the crimson red stockings hanging on the mantle. A blazing fire roared to life in the tiny little fireplace, while a couple sat and talked about life. The winds howled outside and the rains pounded on the windows. They did not have power, but the two hot chocolates that they were…[Read more]

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    Her ombre hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall. One piece wrapped around her index finger, she constantly twirled it, for she was nervous. It was a habit of hers that she had picked up over time, not being able to drop it.

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    The aperture appeared on the small whole in her mouth as her hand raised up to cover her mouth in disbelief. She never thought anyone could every hurt her this much, never in a million years. She was always well liked by everyone. Or so she thought.

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    Mechanism. Everything working together. The way everything fits together. Just like them. They were that one couple nobody said would work out but knew they knew eventually they would get together. Even from the start. They had their differences, yes a lot of them, but they worked perfectly together. They fit.

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    I sat looking at her house. She was in there, probably enjoying her life. Meanwhile, I was being pathetic and sitting there, staring at her house, waiting for the day when I would tell her I love her, and she would tell me the same back. I could not wait for that day. WIth that thought, I opened the car door and stepped out.

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    The plumes on her old feather pen waved back and forth as she scribbled and scratched the night away in the small desk in the attic. She would write a sentence, and then decide she didn’t like it, only to scratch it out and rewrite it. After all, it had to be perfect. It was for him.

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    What is geometric? Is it having perfect lines? I don’t see how anything could be this way, other than in math, seeing as the world isn’t perfect. There is no perfect person in this world, for each and everyone one of us have our own unique flaws.

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    she was crazy, she would walk in the room, and every thing would turn to chaos, every stare turned to her, every small side conversation, to her. calm before the storm cause the minute she spoke, you know something crazy was about to happen. That’s just the way she was, until she met him.

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    i have already done this one, but i’m pretty sure it is a type of hurricane that travels over the ocean. It causes destruction to many people, and opposite of that, i think it is a super hero. hmm.