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    2AM. A dying yellow cathode buzzed above my head. The sick light slid down into the grimy bathroom mirror and sputtered backwards to catch in my hair like spiderwebs, painting my skin the color of last week’s obituaries.
    I stood perfectly still. The mirror couldn’t see what my hands gripped desperately, shaking and white-knuckled, below the rim…[Read more]

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    Twilight, deep and heavy as the ocean, collapsed upon the barren land. A lone violet shadow rippled across waves of stone, parched white monuments that had not tasted rain in years.
    Tiny pinpoints of blood marked his footprints like dying stars as his eyes desperately swept the heavens for familiar constellations. He found nothing but blue–…[Read more]

  • Flashes of red and pink were dancing in the corners of her eyes, filling her with a strange and impossible hope. For too long, she had simply stood and watched like this. How many years had she spent, praying and wishing and trying until her bones ached, looking to the skies for an answer? But now that the moment was here, was it worth taking a…[Read more]

  • I stood at the threshold of the Cathedral and watched in serene silence as tar-blade shadows wound about my feet. I did not resist, nor would I fight back when its imminent onslaught crashed into my bones. Its […]

  • And then the city was alight.
    Reduced to nothing, burning away.
    Then sparkling, glowing, reborn.
    Destruction healed.
    And you and I, together, above it all.

    We had our wings, our stellar bodies, and you […]

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    Something was wrong.
    Those three words, unsettling as they were, could never describe the way his very presence sent spasms of dread through my veins. And yet there he was, sitting across the room from me even […]

  • I was told that there would be blood; there would be tears, and sweat, and disaster beyond knowing. I was assured of our total failure, of catastrophe, of defeat.
    I did not doubt this, when I saw the blade […]

  • It was one in the morning, and yet time had ceased to exist.
    True, the reality of space still lingered within my worn-out bones, but even that was tenuous now, slipping away in the morning hours like blood into […]

  • A few seagulls careened past my window, casting fluttering shadows across my perpetually catastrophic work desk. I sat alone on my bedsheets, rumpled from another restless nights sleep, and listened intently. I […]

  • I’d often wondered what I would sacrifice, just to experience immortality at her hands. She was a goddess of creation, terrible and wonderful; she was a sunbeam, turning the dust of the world into gold, and […]

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    The evening sky glimmered far above, bruised violet and starlit red, wrapped tightly with fishing-line threads of cloud. He thought it looked like a dying god; some great, magnificent thing, bleeding to death in […]

  • The glass of shocking-pink liquid spun once, like a soporific lunatic, before fatally crashing to the floor. Simultaneously, a moonlight-colored figure collapsed to his knees, staining them with technicolor […]

  • Melancholy rainbows danced across the crystal floors of the Cathedral, great streaks of ethereal blood spilled by the moon. The Prince tread across them like a war hero, proud of the fallen spectrums splashing […]

  • I looked up from the daily news at the sudden sound of jingling, a cheery metallic twinkle that cut through the din like a shooting star. I was surprised to find it radiating from the keychain-weighted hips of a […]

  • Living in this blighted world was hell, he thought. On every street corner there was death, despair, devastation. Families he had known in his youth were rapidly fading from the earth, swallowed up by the […]

  • The colors of his irises were switching rapidly, like schizophrenic christmas lights. Brown, green, blue, gray… now deep black, now albino pink. His eyelids fluttered in time to their shifting hues.
    From […]

  • His feet slammed into the bronze-slick floor as he ran, breath quick with hopes and terrors, through the clamorous house of bells.
    He had an absurd mental image of a box of fireworks, dropped into the middle of a […]

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    The hinges of his jaw creaked as he grinned, his sallow skin twisting into that same dead expression my nightmares loved to remind me of. A row of unnaturally gray teeth glinted from between his wooden lips, shining like frog eggs. I shivered. “What’s the matter?” Even his speech sounded like rusty nails. “Afraid of […]

  • Accordions are ridiculous. That was an axiom I refused to reconsider, soldered into place from a childhood tainted by bad polka music. But that was self-evident, too. You couldn’t make that instrument sound tuneful if you tried. These are the thoughts I entertained from the city sidewalk, before I was stopped in my tracks by […]

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    A sterling-haired man sauntered into the park, humming tunelessly, and sat down on a faded bench by the old willow tree. The wood creaked as if to greet an old friend. “Lovely day, isn’t it?” He turned and spoke to no one in particular, carefully shaking the jacket from his thin shoulders. Something like dust […]