• I take what comes to me. I get what I want. I see them, and I count my millions, and I hand it to them in bunches. They accept what I give them. I am the buyer.

  • Flaunt everything you’ve got. Sing them songs of romance, write them stories of inspiration, show them movies of adventure. Stride on velvet carpets with long, exposing dresses and deceiving tuxedos and laugh a fake laugh when they tell you a joke, don’t forget to smile for the camera. You are Hollywood’s cover, you are an image of perfection…[Read more]

  • things to pack for the road: ideas, thoughts, sorrows, meanings, memories, loves, anger, voice, confidence, passion, experience, courage, wanderlust… they’re lost now. the train was derailed.

  • pack your thoughts
    scribbled ideas at the corners of your lips
    i see your pain
    as you sit alone on the seat in front of me
    you listen to music
    because it heals you
    and i see you watch the (s)cars go by
    but they don’t go away